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I am a geek, I´ve always been a geek and this is just one example of that. If you haven´t heard about Magic: The Gathering it is going to be very hard to explain it to you in just one post but I´ll try.

Magic is a trading card game where you use lands, spells, creatures and enchantments to defeat your oponnent. It is a strategic game where your own experience will help you to create scenarios where you are favored. Think of it as Dungeons and Dragons, but with cards. It is as if you are a magician casting spells and summoning creatures to help you beat your enemy.

For you, Magic players, this explanation might be very plain and it that it doesn´t do justice to the whole Magic Universe but, it would take more than one post to explain all the details.


Why do you fell passion about your hobby?

As I said. I am a geek and this game appeals to all my geekness. I love how the cards smell, I enjoy reading the lore - there are novels about this Game - and the flavor text in the cards, the official tournaments are awesome, the community that gathers and play every friday night is amazing, that feeling you get when you open a booster pack and start browsing the cards until you reach the last one - which is usually the rare one -, being able to collect the whole expansion... Magic the Gathering is a universe and I love feeling part of it.

How did you picked this hobby? Or better yet, how did this hobby picked you?

My dad used to have a Comic book store where he also used to seel MTG cards so it was a matter of time until in 1999 I saw them in the store, opened a booster pack and then learned to play. I used to read the InQuest Magazine which was like the bible for Role playing gamers and from there I became a huge fan.

I became so obsessed that I started to show my school friends how to play and I became their local dealer - making a small profit for myself and paying for my own cards and decks from it - and at some point I even organized school tournaments. This was when I was 12 years old.


These are some of my favorite cards from the last expansion I played

How long have you been doing it...? Are you learning more and more every day?

I started in 1998 and I went on until 2005, then I returned in 2009 until 2013. After that I haven´t picked it up yet, but I know I´m going to, I will always go back to my first true love. I stopped learning since I stopped playing but I am sure that when I pick it up again, I will return to be the avid clever player I was before my temporary retirement.

What is is that you love about this hobby?

I love playing Magic the gathering because it allows me to have adventures even if I am 10 minutes away from my house. It´s similar as reading a fantasy book or exploring a forest or a mangrove, it makes me feel like I am having my own Bilbo adventure, every time I play.

Playing MTG is not easy, it is very challenging especially if you like competing with the best. There are Pro Tours, Grand Prix - I´m not sure if those are still celebrated - Nationals, and also a World Cup and I used to play at that level where the tournaments have at least 200 players.


My favorite creature types are Pegasus and Centaurs

Is it something you share with someone else or is this hobby YOUR thing and you do it by yourself?

Playing MTG is my thing. I used to have problems with the girls I dated because I prefered attending the Friday Night Magic than to go to the movies or having dinner with them. Back in middle school I had friends who played it but after a while everyone else grew out of it, but not me, so I just made it my thing and used to attend tournaments and gatherings by myself and have the best time.

If I have to be honest, I wouldn´t want to share this hobby, not with a friend or my girl, this is mine and I enjoy doing it by myself.

Is your hobby a priority? Does practicing takes away time with your family or partner? Do you have it high on your priority list or is it not that important compared to family and friends?

It used to be a priority but not anymore, the sad part is that I still want to play it but to be good at it, it requires a lot of hours spent weekly and, since I have been traveling it is impossible for me to have the time for it.


These are the land type card, it is used to summon creatures and cast spells

Is your hobby expensive? Do you spend a lot of money when you practice it? What sacrifices you make to be able to practice your hobby?

As any serious hobby, it takes money to play at the highest level. It is not a pay to win hobby because if you are clever and good enough at it, you can beat a top tier deck with a mid tier deck, it´s all about how you use the cards. But to be honest, to play with the best and be able to win you have to have the best cards which are only obtained by buying booster packs or getting the cards directly from a local dealer. The tournaments are expensive - but also the prizes are huge - and overall, you have to spend at least some good 100 dollars a month (and that doesn´t even take you far, just allows you to be competitive).

Are you lucky enought that, is your hobby part of your job?

I used to dream about traveling the world and win tournaments to keep traveling - this was when I was 15 years old - because the big tournament prizes were huge back then, I´m not sure how they are right now.


There are prismatic card types and are super cool to look!

If you would have to explain your hobby to an alien, how would you do it?

Imagine you are a wizard and have the ability to cast spells, enchantments and summon creatures and artifacts that will help you will your enemies.

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Tried trading card games once, had to run cause it was just so addictive 😀. I mean you could relive a fantasy right from your desk.

You could win your own contest @anomadsoul, besides you aren't the judge😂😂


Hahaha ye ye but no, I´m already disqualified and she knows it! Exactly, that´s why I liked reading books and playing Magic, new adventures every day :D


For a second, I thought I found the winning article. Thank you for clarifying that with your comment. :)

Oh, thank God @anomadsoul! More MTG players on Steemit! Myself, @tarotbyfergus, @vermillionfox and @iamredbar do these extensive MTG posts and deck lists and they never get any love because it's such a niché thing. Great post. How are you feeling about Dominaria? Have you seen the new Brawl format? I'm building my first Brawl deck as we speak!


There was a dude who told me about starting the MTG community, perhaps there is some potential there seeing there are some other players around... and probably those who like it but not blogging yet about it, will come forward :D

I haven´t seen the new brawl format, I´m just undusting the decks and searching for a store where to regain my edge, hopefully this weekend I´ll see new expansion and probably test the new format :D

We should look more into the MTG community though.

nunca pensé que jugarías justamente con esas cartas tambien. (no he jugado con esas...).

I've thrown out so many of these cards, kinda wishing I didn't do it now... LOL... (smacks forhead)

I’ve not played this in forever a day. Other year I was looking up my cards seeing if anywhere finally worth selling. Nope, they just old cards not worth much lol. Somewhere in the 1990’s I started playing as well as a kid. I only played for a couple of years though. My friends where not into it and I had to many hobby's as it was.

I had a few hobby’s as a kid but really the only one that stuck around after all these years where video games. In which case I would explain to an alien I stare at a window and go on wild adventures that no one else knows about. Lol.

Love it, have over 4000 mtg cards collected now myself, including many planeswalkers, should we maybe start an mtg tag to create a little forum for us to talk about cards and deck building strategies? I’d like that. Keep the idea floating! It could get lots of people from friday night magic to join for a steemit afterparty every Friday night or something cool like that. :)


That would be amazing, that tag would be very cool! We should start using it and create a nice database. We could even have steem tournaments when we have a more established community! Hit me up on discord when you have the chance #8455 @anomadsoul and we can talk about it.

That's very cool! I used to collect similarly cards like Yu-Gi-Oh and Scooby-Doo haha, I still have them somewhere :D

First time I heard about this game in my entire life. I would love to see it played in real life. Your post content looks like it's some kind of entry for a contest (actually saw #contest as one of your tags.) If so, can I read more about it? Thank you.

Amazing!.. Realmente te apasiona para organizar torneos escolares, jaja que cool me encanto que hagas esto desde muy niño y que aun financiaras tus barajas con las ganancias de tus ventas, ya ahi te estabas convirtiendo en empresario jaja

starting the reading I imagined an Eric reading the tarot cards.... although it is the first time that I hear of your hobby and according to what you explain to be a great magical adventure in each tournament, you can see that you are a born dreamer and that through these cards you could live a world full of fiction! I hope to be able to read more of it and maybe play it some day, in Venezuela I haven't seen that. Greetings

interesting hobby and expensive as well! I never see this kind of hobby directly, it's not used to here. But I can see you really enjoy your hobby.
Glad to know you :)

warm regard


Nice to see that you are also playong mtg. Soon a mtg ocd tournament? The winner gets all stakes. What format are you playing?

Unic hobby

If i want how my future. Are you can read with it?

I've seen many people talked about their hobby but never seen anybody with these your type of hobby. Unique hobby for unique people like you

I Didn't see this one is coming

Wow, that's interesting, I didn't know that. The closest thing are the oracles and the tarot cards that I have learned to read with disturbing certainty :-P

This is cool!

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Wow it is really exellent hobby. Collecting all of them probably took a lot of time :) When I was little girl I was collecting the packaging from chocolates. During the communism it was really something. Unfortunately I was searching my mom basement and looking into my stuff but I didn't find any of them. I only what I found out was a lot of my notebooks from school.

Collecting those packages let me think about the foreign countries and imagine where the delicious chocolate was made.

Greeting my friend :) I hope that everything ok with you :)

I like to play online games. About such a card game did not even suspect! I will definitely find out more about it)). What character do you like most? The Magician?)

Cool, I like a magic , yuhuuu.

Ah, this brings back all the memories of playing Magic with my friends back in highschool... good old times. haha

Nice to read your hobby @anomadsoul :)

In Nigeria , magic is scorned at and anyone who practices it is termed "diabolical" but I'm of the opinion that magic is just a harmless game especially when not abused. It can have it's good sides too and I know some good spells in history which were magically cast.

I do more of football and indoor games with my time and it doesn't consume any money at all. At least to the best of my knowledge.

Vaya amigo sinceramente, nunca había oído o leído sobre este juego de cartas, me llamo mucho la atención por todos los detalles que expresaste, leyéndolo ya imagino como es el juego, es un juego estratégico donde lanzas cartas con tu oponente viendo cual de los jugadores tiene mas poder o algo asi? bueno solo es una suposición repito no había escuchado nuca sobre el juego, pero gracias por compartir estamos para aprender, saludos :D

I used to play Star Wars CCG. You’ve inspired me to hop on eBay and have a look around. So good!

I really enjoyed playing MTG when I was younger and still have some cards packed away somewhere. I would probably still play now if I had the time.

I just recently named the character I entered in Steemit's Interactive Battle Tournament Serra Angel. I am pretty sure you would be familiar with that creature card.

I think all american boy really love cards and trading cards... Geek but fun hehehe...

Oh, man. You're talking about some serious stuff here. I used to play magic a lot when I lived in during primary school and when I move to Caracas, but things have gotten so expensive that I'm not able to play it anymore. Look at you, now I can say you're the Pianna of Steemit (that's a reference to an Odyssey block legendary creature). What's your favorite format? Mine is Commander, for sure.

OMG magic cards!! we have stacks at home lol!!! my siblings were so into it but I don't get it at all. I remember trying to secretly hide their "good" cards haha.

But didn't think Magic card was going to be your hobby LOL

Wow, nunca habia oido ese tipo de juego de cartas, excelente post. y muy interesante tu hobby :D

Interesante juego, trato de imaginarlo y se me viene a la mente los dibujos animados de Yu-Gi-Oh!

I know about Magic The Gathering because of my younger son. I'm not sure when he started playing it, but I found out towards the end of his college stint, after he was married. It might have even been after his wife was expecting their first child.

He and a few work friends would play it, mostly on Saturdays.

Then, I was in a local comic book shop (can't remember what day it was, but it was in the afternoon) and there were a couple dozen people occupying an entire room (instead of comic books—those were confined to another room).

While I am into fantasy, and actually played Dungeons and Dragons once, I've never really been into role playing games. And to be honest, it was kind of disturbing to see so many 30-somethings and up playing. I felt like I was intruding!

Anyway, my son has been trying to get me to play with him—even offered to give me one of his decks. So far I've declined. I used to play video games with him and his brother (Halo mostly) but since they're both married and have been out of our house, we haven't played much of that together either. They've since moved on to Overwatch.

Ohhhh that is surprising I played that when I was in highschool. We would go early to school so that we can play MTG while waiting for class to start.

Depending on your deck we would voice ourselves as either wizards commanding mechanical or magical armies, a barbarian hinterking, a human king or an Orc overlord.

I remember being a blue green deck user.

It was so much fun imaging that.

you are amazing , you did your own version for your contest , that's why a lot of steemians like me adore you. you are so true. thanks for sharing another fact about yourself dear @anomadsoul . so excited for the result of your contest , hope you'll see my entry ❤️❤️❤️

I hope you are not competing with us Sir, cos this is too good, well arranged and articulated.
Am wishing myself best of wining luck 😁

WOW!!! You are a geek for sure. I mean you started back when you were 12 years old. That's years and years of Geekness hahahah!!! I've never heard of this game but I think I would enjoy it, sounds interesting. It would also be interesting to know where to find it this side.

I love Magic the Gathering! I used to play it as a teenager, got into it cause my brothers were good at it... They used to woop me at it pretty bad though :D

I was presuming that your hobby was something addictive :)

Just know this hobby. Sounds interesting to me!! Thank you for sharing!

Es un hobby súper particular, me encantan los juegos de mesa y las cartas. Así que quizás podría probarlo. En el caracas comic com hubo un torneo, intentaron explicármelo; pero es realmente complejo requiere lectura y estrategia. Me agrada.

This looks fun. I never had such games though. We had playing cards and matches pack with pictures of footballers at the back. We tossed them on the wall and the one closest to the wall, won. Fun times.

Is the game a video game also, or just cards?

If the sponsor of the contest can even write his hobby, no other excuse for the rest not to write.

I always interest how people play Magic:The Gathering card. They have so much fantastic imagination while playing it. I saw a movies before where the world tournament winner will able to select or create a new card, skill and ability of out it. Not sure is true or not but it made things more interesting.

Ahh another one, I am not even surprised XD I used to play a long time ago, using my partner's impressive collection. I don't play anymore as I can't predict how long a game will be (sometimes it's 10min, sometimes it can get drawn out to an hour or so, and then if you multiplayer it who knows). Man you were pretty industrious from a young age!

Do you still play regularly? There's a guy on here who sells cards for sbd/steem if you ever want to blow some on the "cardboard crack" as my partner calls it XD


Beautiful post. I miss magic. I had both Alpha and Beta sets. Parents house flooded after I moved out and they got ruined. Such a sad time not being able to give them to my kids. I know what we are setting a night for when we finally meet. You'll have to teach me the new rule set, I haven't played since nightmare's and fireball speed decks.

Oh interesting. I prefer playing console games or RPG than cards but I do see a lot of people who like playing Magic cards too.

I guess my hobby doesn't get an upvote because mine is writing. Haha. I wonder who will win. 😁

That reminded me of Yu Gi OH! Was that based to create that manga/anime?

Sweet! My husband use to play but wouldn’t teach me for some reason.
Anyways, I feel like I have been missing out on MTG and D& D.
Very cool post, thanks

You see a very interesting card game, to see the photos I thought you were a tarostista, I do not have patience for the card game but if I ever meet them I will remember your hobby, greetings @anomadsoul

These cards are made in Belgium....

Awesome. Card games are fun! Nice hobby you got there

Estimado @anomadsoul. Tu post me ha creado una melancólica sonrisa, producto del recuerdo de la niñez.

Yo conocí MGT cuando tenía como unos 12 años, tenía un amigo mayor que a mis padres no le gustaba; salía a escondidas para que él me enseñara a jugar y al cabo de unos meses ya estaba fastidiando a mi papá para que me comprara un deck.

Tuve varios, al igual que tu amaba el lore y las ilustraciones. Era muy malo jugando a decir verdad jajaja.

Luego de un tiempo le presenté las cartas a mis amigos del colegio. Resulta que el colegio era de monjas y ellas me las quitaron porque "eran diabólicas" jajaja. Unos niños no muy buenos entraron al salón en la hora de recreo y me robaron las cartas gold de mi mazo dejándolo completamente inútil. Fue muy frustrante ya que ni las monjas ni las profesoras quisieron solucionarme como especie de castigo por haber traído "ese mal" al colegio.

Fue el final de mi ilusión. Hoy en día no puedo jugar ya que vivo en Venezuela y me cuesta mucho lograr alimentarme bien, no tengo dinero para eso. Sin embargo, cada vez que paso por el centro comercial donde juegan a MGT, suspiro recordando los buenos momentos que me trajo el juego.

Gracias por hacerme recordar @anomadsoul. De pana gracias.

That is one of the unique hobby you got there....
I am sorry but I just couldn't find a better word so I used "unique"...

yeah I got it...The exact word is "Intriguing"


Haha you´ve never heard of it? It is quite popular! I mean over the years it´s been losing some momentum but there is always new players all the time, quite fun man.


I have heard of people collecting stones, leaves, stamps and stones etc....Please pardon my ignorance on this one..
On the brighter side I heard of it now, courtesy of you. Never too late to learn, I guess....

Jejejejeje nunca me lo hubiese imaginado. Pero al ver tu foto y la alegría con que muestras tus cartas (barajitas como le dicen por aquí) queda evidenciado que ellas te conectan con tu niño interior ;-)

oohh I would love to be sorceress and cast spells and summon wonderful magical creatures.

very good hobby, hope you'll enjoy it forever

I love how the cards smell

How exactly do they smell? 😀😀

rofl...a friend of my is also realy into it....bye every week new cards...boart games i realy loved them befor i start gaming like wow etc etc....

I´m glad that you kept your hobby from your childhood. Keeping the good things from that stage of life is good for mental health.

We just started playing Magic last summer. My kids went to a learn to play at a local card store and then taught me to play while we were camping. We are all now hooked!

This card game has become a hot topic in Japan, but I think that popularity does not continue as much as overseas.

Guau! Nunca he jugado Magic, pero de la forma como lo describe se ve sumamente interesante y entiendo por qué le apasiona tanto! Excelente hobby, definitivamente!

Imagine you are a wizard and have the ability to cast spells, enchantments and summon creatures and artifacts that will help you will your enemies.

I reminisced watching Yugi-Oh! Lol! His favorite card is Dark Magician.

Sir, thank you so much for that huge upvote on this is my hobby!! I don't really know that I deserved it. Thank you so much regardless. I'm trying to get better at making content. I've just never done it before or any social media. However thanks to this awesome community, eventually I'll get to where I can help people here. I don't think content is ever going to be my strong point. So I've been trying to figure out the quickest ways to grow my SP. I want to be able to do what you just did...use my voting power to reward people for making good content(I'm not saying mine was good) and for helping other people or maybe just for doing what's right. I just want to be able to help people. I want to help this awesome Community and platform grow. I'm moving everything I get into SP.(well now, anyways.) Is this the best thing to do to help? And should I upvote myself in the beginning to build my SP? I hope you have a good day/night. Thanks again. All our love to you and yours and may our creator bless yous.

Oh, and my boy loves Pokemon cards. Says magic cards are too scary looking. ::)

It's funny how I used to collect these cards with my peers and the most amazing thing that ever happened to me was when my cousin inherits me with all his boxes and boxes of cards! It's so addicting when all I wanted was to beat every friend of mine with my most powerful card. Your article bring back so much of my childhood and it's just so nostalgic. Guess, it's time for me to bring it back alive :D

Man, considering the addiction I have with Pokemon card collecting, I should probably consider myself lucky that I haven't delved into Magic, lol. It's always seemed like a fun hobby, and actually looks like it's fun to play unlike Pokemon (Seriously, the rules for that get retarded sometimes).

I'm just curious, any grail cards you'd love to get your hands on? There's a bunch I really want for my Pokemon collection, but they're out of my price range. I know there's quite a few magic cards that go for thousands, so I'm sure it'd be pretty hard to get everything for a collection, haha.

Wow.... Wonderfully written.....
I have really learnt to upgrade my writing skills through you...
I played the game and was massively rewarded....
Thank you sir

Hi! Tell me, is this contest still going? I will have time to join? Today I just started my blog, there are so many interesting things that I do not even know what to choose. But I want to talk about my hobby. Until what day can I join?

Bro, great post, I didn't know you liked MTG nor you were a competitive player.
I love card games, I tried playing magic but it was just too expensive, you know, this country. I ended up just selling the valuable cards.
I learned to play printing the cards on paper but even that was to expensive.
Now i'm playing hearthstone and gwent, an I play a lot so I understand what you are saying about the time.
Espero vuelvas a jugar pronto bro.

Thank you for this write up mate. I used to play as a boy and loved it, I even remember getting into a proper fist fight over a 'baby dragon' card. I'm glad you have your own 'thing' as we all need a refuge in this world.

Magic does take a lo t of skill though, I read a book a few years back about Jon Finkle which was pretty epic too and you may enjoy it my friend

Awesome man! I didn't expect this of you to be honest haha!