My Top 5 Posts From 2017!

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This post is made for a challenge by @rocking-dave! I had a lot of fun scrolling through my old posts and selecting favorite ones from 2017.

1. Steem punch [my doodle]

I returned to Steemit after a few months and realized that my vote actually means something now :) At least I can see how digits are changing when I vote.

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2. Making of WhaleShares logo

As far as I understand WhaleShares is a new BitShares token that meant to give anyone in Steem ability to get votes from the whales. Right now @officialfuzzy is running third round of Whaleshares logo contest and I'm participating in it... in the third time. I didn't win anything yet, but - I don't know, since I already started doing this I'd like to go till the end.

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3. Somewhere far away [my doodle]

Have a nice day, everyone! Here is my Little prince fanart for you. Pen and paper this time, full analogue doodle

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4. Still alive? Season finale.

I draw every move I make in the @papa-pepper's steemit survival game. Take a look at my adventure!

Basically all of my Still alive doodle posts are my favorites :)

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5. Drawing cats with Skynet [lots of weirdoodles]

As you know Artificial Intelligence tech is huge these days. AI plays chess, Go and other games better than humans. Those neiro-things even know how to draw now! I found service that can make cats from whatever doodle you got and spend an evening having fun with that thing :) What can I say - I've never seen so many creepy cats in my life!

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Thank you @kristyglas for bringing me into this challenge :) And I nominate @ashidoodle, @sjennon, @magical-salt, @overkillcoin and @kubbyelizabeth and anyone else who is interested in this :)

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All of your doodles are amazing :D
That snail cat tho... xD

(Skynet post)

Aww man I thought I won a drawing from you :)

It's awesome that you decided to do the challenge! I love your doodles!

Steem punch its beautiful looking incredible

Excellent doodles i see wonderful post

The first two are my favorite its just amazing to see wonderful work

wow so many amazing doodles you have made this is very interesting

everyone thing was favorite from that list it's really amazing

That was a great punch in the steemit

Love all these articles

The idea behind your Steem Punch doodle is epic. Unfortunatelly my votes doesn't mean that much yet. ;)

I saw some of these but not all of them always so creative but have a great message behind them. I love you works!

all are best :) but the 1st one is awesome :p
can I re esteem your post?

Of course! :)

thanx a lot :)

Wonderful doodle.
Upvoted and resteemed

so interesting posts good work 2017
we hope see more in 2018

this is top class doodles mindblowing work

amazing dear.Thanks for sharing it

2017 was really awesome for you make this year the best with your doodles

looking super nice its interesting wonderful psot

its quite wonderful thanks for sharing beautiful :)

Your love for doodles eh! Its so amazing! Am glad your upvotes makes much difference now!

hello, i like drawings too. kindly see my blog also hehe