My 2017: Welcoming this new year! - CONTEST! 250 Steem in Prizes!

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Do you wonder how people in other countries celebrate the new year?

Are you curious about the traditions and rituals for receiving the year other Steemians have?

Would you like to see the food and drinks your fellow bloggers have on this special day?

Then this contest is for you!

Show the Steemit world how do you receive this 2018. You can write, take pictures, make a video, do an album, make a story, show us with drawings... whatever comes to you mind! Show people how you welcome 2018!

Invite me and your readers to your celebration this December 31st, let us experience it as if we were sitting next to you.

Show us how you get ready for when this Sunday the clock hits 00:00 of 2018, we want to feel the emotions you are feeling.

Explain the different traditions people have in your part of the world, it would be amazing to learn about your country.

Share with us how you celebrate new year this 2017 - going on 2018 - and tell us how your night went.

There are no special requirements for the content of the post. You can include whatever you want, as long as you show us how you welcome the new year. If you don´t want to include pictures and only text, it is also perfect!

So yeah, there are no rules about the content of the post, the only three requirements I will ask you to do in order to join the contest are:

  • Your post title must be: My 2017: Welcoming the new year - Whatever you want to add

    For example, my title would something like this:

My 2017: Welcoming the new year - A nomad embraces the new sunshine.

  • Use the tag #my2017, the other four can be what you want.
  • Resteem this post. I´m not asking you to vote this post, just resteem it so more people can join and we can see more New Year Celebrations all around the world.

The whole purpose of this contest is too make a post about the celebration of this year, but if you don´t feel like including pictures you can just narrate how your celebration goes on a normal year.

If you feel like thanking someone, thank @blocktrades, I´m just the middle man in the contest ^^. If you feel like mentioning this post and including a link so people join the contest, i would highly appreciate it but it is not a requirement to join the contest

The Pool Prize

On the first contest, Achievements and Failures, we had almost 180 entries, on the second one, Just a normal Day, more than 60 Steemians made a video on DTube, I consider both of them an amazing surprise, I wasn´t expecting 240 people joining them!

This time, for every Steemian joining the contest and making a post following the requirements stated above, I will add one (1) Steem to the prize pool until we reach 250 Steem.

  • So let´s say 134 Steemians make a post, then the total prize will be 134 Steem.
  • If 250 people decide to join the contest, the total prize will be 250.
  • If the contest rocks and we have 487 entries, the prize will still be 250 Steem because I´m not rich and the prize comes out of my posts rewards :(

This number of entries is not hard to achieve, between the first 2 contests we had 240 Steemians, so 250 people for the next one is achievable! That is the only reason I´m asking you to Resteem this post :)

The Winners

On the first two contests, some amazing Steemians helped me judge the contest and their job was great, I can´t be more thankful with them for this almost impossible task of deciding which posts deserve a prize.

For this contest, I have a great idea, but you won´t know about it until the end of the contest. Don´t ask me over private message, I won´t tell you, it is a surprise, but make sure to make the best post of 2018! - Lol, it will be your first one of the year I guess, so make it count, make it great!

There will be a lot of winners, depending on the number of people joining, the prize pool will go higher and higher, and more people will win.


The post you make will be about your celebration when receiving 2018, so you can think about how you make your post during these days, but you will be posting it after December 31.

The deadline is when January 3rd starts on your time zone, that way every Steemian around the world will have the same time to write the post.


This contest is about how you celebrate this new year and about your experiences about receiving 2018 :) So make sure to make your post after the holiday!

Special Thanks

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I'll definitely participate in this contest!
I have participated in previous two)
Best wishes for the coming New Year!


Oh so nice to see you're going for three out of three mate, i bet this time the system I'll use for giving prizes will play in your favor :D

@anomadsoul, puedo publicar en español?, o tiene que ser en ingles?


Claro pao! Bienvenidos los posts en español! Espero con ansias tu entrada :) Saludos!


Muchas gracias @anomadsoul, pero claro que participare, pues en Colombia hay unas tradiciones de fin de año bastantes locas.

Super cool, brother. These community challenges of yours are so nourishing to create, you know, as well as being entertaining to look at. I want to tell you, I really appreciate your most recent contest too, inviting us to record a Day in the Life video. I turned mine into a "digital Christmas card," of sorts, which allowed me to connect with some of our distant family members. Muito obrigado!


Hey man! I´m really happy to read this especially coming from an @ocd fella ^^ I try to make them as dynamic and interesting to people but also including some features so new users can learn a thing or two about the platform. That was so clever, to use the video for family bonding :D


Here is my humble submission to your fine New Year's contest! :)

Link: My 2017: Welcoming the New Year - Homemade PIZZA, $500 Champagne, and... what an Explosive 2018 Start IT IS!

And a Happy New Year to ya too!


This new contest of yours helped me to sort and shuffle through some heavy-duty prep work for 2018, so thank you once again. Here's my entry: My 2017 - Welcoming The New Year - Envisioning My Best Year Yet.


thanks so much for this contest. it's very attractive and grea innovatio. thanks so much for this contest my bro!
I draw a pic, how can we send to you?


You draw a pic about what? About the contest?


How do you know it is a brother and not a sister ;>)

Thanks @blocktrades for the delegation
I can't wait to participate
New year in Nigeria is great so it's another opportunity to show the world our culture.


My brov same here o. Naija on point


We rock
New year is best here.


I bet new year in Nigeria is very different than in Mexico, i look forward to reading how you celebrate this year and how you spent your laat 2017 night ^^


You will definitely see
I hope i'm able to make it clear in a post because new year here is great.


Naija repping everywhere, I hail my bruv them in the house. Me am new sha but leaning fast.

Only one winner?


There will be a lot of winners, depending on the number of people joining, the prize pool will go higher and higher, and more people will win. I hope you join!


We are all winners in the end

This will be the first time I will be celebrating a New Year away from my family. I have no idea of how it will look like but let's see how it go and watch out for my experience.


Sometimes receiving the year with different people gives us a different perspective about life and the new year rituals...i hope you join and we get to read about your night saying hello to the new year!


Just feel the STEEM and you will be ok

@anomadsoul I want to say how grateful I am and lifted to have entered the first contest my 2017 contest failures and achievement. It was my second post as a newbie and it made the highest $ I have ever gotten.
Even if I did not win, am glad I partiaciapted. Hence I will be glad to do this right away I hope I get near the prices. I love my country and my culture. You will hear from me soon!


I am very glad to read this comment. That´s the way to start on steemit and I am happy to be part of that ^^ Thank you very much for participating in the first contest, it will be awesome to read about the new year in Nigeria man, I hope to hear from you soon!

What a great opportunity to participate again, telling the world about how new year is here.


Let's all shout to the world how we celebrate this new year and make a great post about the experience!

Thanks! I can participate on this contests as I did on the first one. The second one was complicate with me.

I will be making my post January first!


I hope you can dedicate some time to join this one my friend, your first participation was great, i bet this one about your experience receiving the new year will be as awesome!

I will definitely participate in the contest) I hope I'll find the time to write a post)))) with best wishes for the coming New Year.


I think you'll have plenty of time to write your entry my friend, let's hope you make an amazing one! Remember to make it about this year's celebration and your experience receiving this new year :)

But do you need a video, or enough pictures?


If you don´t want to include pictures and only text, it is also perfect!

And I am assuming that there would be no time zone issues, right? I'm not good in geography and doesn't know shit about that but people from around the world could meet the deadline, right?


Exactly, because no matter where are you living, the end of january 2nd for you, is your deadline :)

Wow this is great. I'm going to make my entry as soon as possible.

I participated for the first one but not the second.
But I'm really exited about this time's topic and I'll try to add as much as information I can and as well as clear and interesting.
Thank you for hosting this contest.


Remember to make about this year's celebration! Looking forward to read your entry my friend.


We will do it ! Jaja here we have strange rituals for new year 😅😅


Oh strange rituals are very interesting. I hope i get to read your goodbye to 2017 :) good luck in the contest amigos!

Ahh I miss home! Currently in UAE bcoz of work. Ill try to be creative with this! Thanks for your hardwork, @anomadsoul!


Oh wow, if you join this one you´ll have participated in the 3 contests! So excited to see how a new year celebration is in the UAE :) Home is where your heart is!


I am happy joining your contests, @anomadsoul! Actually very thankful because it pushed me to do something I missed doing, which is cinematic videos. :) Too bad it's wasn't as good as I'd like it to be, but hey. baby steps and it amounted to $30! Who am I to complain? :D

I really want to join this contest! But, huhu, I'm going home to my hometown and we don't have the internet there! Oh well, good luck to all participants! I'm sure their entries will be awesome!


Oh noo. I was kinda looking forward to reading your entry, i guess i won't read this one, but for sure i know your content in 2018 will be amazing.


Home I understand that feeling.

This is a cool contest and would certainly help to promote more interaction among Steemians. It will be interesting to see how people all over the world celebrate new year.


Are you going to join my friend?

I really hope that as you say, it helps out promoting interaction between us :)

Resteemed !! Now I have to go buy some collard greens.

: )

snowflake ribbon.jpg

I have some great plans for New Years, so this one is very exciting...

Can't wait to see the celebrations around the world!


Oh my man i know it will be amazing, your entries are always awesome, i look forward to reading how your celebration was.

@anomadsoul I resteemed and upvoted this post. I also had a wonderful New Year's Day dinner. This is the link to my submission Southern style. I hope you enjoy it.

: )

snowflake ribbon.jpg

Thanks for the opportunity here is my entry : My 2017: Welcoming the new year - Algerian Santa 🎅

This is one great challenge to start the new year, i will do my best to be able to post my entry within the required date.

More power!


Hey my friend, I sure hope to see your entry! don´t forget to resteem this post!


Yes I did resteemed this post 3 days ago, expect entries from our group shortly. This time I'm starting with my entry. More power my friend and Happy new year to you and your family!

I'm in... Thanks for this beautiful idea.

This will definitely bring out another set of creativity! I'm excited to post mine for this challenge. Thanks for the idea, @anomadsoul!

A ha.. Nice idea..

hi, nice article
i've upvote it, maybe you want to support mind
i really apreciate your support thank you


No my friend, this is not the way to go on steemit, I ask you politely to remove this link, if you want engagement on your content, try to comment on other people´s posts with meaningful feedback or opinions regarding the subject discussed in the post.

I actually do 5 STEEM giveaway, you should check it out.


I´ll check it out my friend, congrats on the contest, each and every one helps build the steem ecosystem

Ill join :)

Let's begin cracking fingers

I am sure @eroche and his project about CultureVulture would loooove this contest, isn't it ? :-)

Thanks for organising that!

Interesting!!! This contest by @anomadsoul has afforded me the opportunity to ponder on my 2017

OOk i'm up :D

This is fantastic idea! I am in!

Am in this contest, it's a lovely feeling to expose the world to how I finalize my year.


@poonamsingh, dont miss this one !

yay... yay ... yay.... i am joining again!

nice post, this beautiful idea, thanks @anomadsoul

It's was Amazing idea, I would to participate. Greeting from Indonesia.

You have so cool ideas for the contests.
Here's my entry for this contest
Thank you for the amazing contests!
And happy new year to everyone in advance!


But my friend how can you make a post about something that hasn't happened yet? :O

It is about how you receive the new year! So that means you haven't received the new year :P


That's actually what we do on new years usually.
So does that mean I should write the post aftet actually welcoming the new year?


That's right! Sorry for my mistake. I will submit a new post on How I welcomed the new year. Thank you very much for your advice.

Nice idea, I'd predicted something about new years resolutions/ goals for 2018.... but I guess this is more in keeping with 2017.

I'll have a crack, this one's super easy for me. Although it'll have no chance of winning!



I like it

sure participate on this contest .
really interesting .
wish luck @anomadsoul

It would be lovely to see the outcome of this contest can't wait to participate


Well lets see it! I cant wait to see your entry, dont forget to resteem this post :)


Haha. Thanks for the anticipation! Here is my entry

I have resteemed this post. Thank you.

Your post is very good.
Makes me amazed

I was not able to make it on the second leg of the contest because I had problems with our connection. I hope I could join this one.


Well them I remember your first entry was amazing, i really hope to see your entry very soon!

i cant wait 3.1

Hmmm so interesting I need to really think about it. Thank you for such a great contest. My dear friend I wish you all the best, a lot and a lot of adventures. I hope you will find great people on your way. Your life is an excellent inspiration for many people who have the dreams. Thank you so much for big support and being my good friend. I hope we will see one day and could drink cup of coffee . Lot’s of positive feelings I am sending straight to your heart. God bless you


Thank you so much for your nice wishes my friend, I still remember when we started interacting here, seems like a long time ago huh? These words are too much, thank you! I do hope we get to meet if i travel to your area :) The best vibes from me to you, and Happy new year Margaret!

great contest,cant wait to share with the community how new yr goes down in Nigeria

Awesome initiative! I am in for this.

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Resteemed, of course ;) Much love from Ireland!


My Steemfest amiga, I really hope you are joining or my heart will be devastated :P

No for real, I hope to see how you spend NYE :)


I just posted mine. My NYE was a bit...'different'.

This contest is WOW!!! At least it's gonna show us different type of Celebration across the globe.


I really hope it is half as WOW as I want it to be! Are you going to join my friend?

Genial, tranquilo, no preguntaré nada por interno 😂


Jojojo espero participes eh!

yay I hope will not miss this contest., thanks a lot sir.

Wow! This is a great contest,freedom to right about my expectations for the coming year (2018).


My friend why don´t you write about the experience and take some pictures and then make the post after the 31st? Let´s see how your day goes!


@anomadsoul, thanks for the advice,I will do exactly what you say..... I appreciate your loving gesture you showed on that

Excelente!! :D

This will be an awesome way to usher in 2018. Getting to know how different cultures, countries and people usher in new years' would be amazing.

this is a great way for one steemian to see what the new year of another steemian looks like...
Hopefully i'll be working on mine.

Thanks for this awesome opportunity to share with the world our version of new year celebration.

Appreciate everything you guys are doing to create fun, interactive things for the Steemit Community to take part in! Happy New Year to you @anomadsoul, and @blocktrades!

WOW this is so exciting! :D I've only been on Steemit a little over a week and already there's so much to do, and so many contests/dischord chats to join, it's great! Thanks for hosting the contest with Blocktrades. Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries and hopefully making one myself :D

Am a Nigerian so am sure going to tell you how we do it here. Can't wait

Oh man thanks that the next contest can be written. I have submitted my entry and hope to win.

Although it is a tall order because there are so many talented writers out there.

I would rather try and fail than be a coward and not have sent my piece in.

Here goes nothing and full steem ahead!

Super great! Am gonna join this contest and it will be my first time as a newbie. Thanks @anomadsoul

I can't wait to join in on the content. I hope to win😁. Thank you for this @anomadsoul


I hope to see your entry very soon!

Yes! Opportunity number three! I will get on this when the opportunity comes! Woo woo woo!

Thanks @blocktrades for the delegation. This contest promises to be fun, can't wait to show and also see how other Steemians celebrate the new year in their various countries.....

This is very interesting, these is a new way of exposure. At least we get know in details one another's ways and tradition of celebrating the new year.

This contest is wow!alot has happened in this 2017 and i will love to tell a story about it.
Anticipate a story from me tagged"2017 did loved me"


Well, it seems like it was a big deal how this year loved you my friend! I hope i read your entry soon :) dont forget to resteem this post to join the contest

Lovew this one ! Cant wait to see the steemians around the world celebrating for the new year !

Wow... Cool... Putting on my seatbelt for a bumpy ride to 2018

Oh no! I will send my entry on the first day of 2018 hehhe.

@anomadsoul your contests are really interesting. You have a funny way of bringing out the creativity of the people.

Anyway here is my entry. I hope you find this as entertaining as your ideas. 😁

Count me in for this #my2017 contest. And i'll be sharing how we celebrate here in Philippines.

Wow.... Been on Steemit is amazing. This is an opportunity to showcase to the world my tradition!


Traditions, rituals, food and drink, family! Everthing! It is the chance to show steemit how you celebrate this new year! Dont forfet to resteem this post my friend !

Nice one. I hope to participate

Oh ,thank you so much @anomadsoul this contest is going to be lit,and so much fun.cant wait.👍👌

Nice contest not because of the price at stakes but for the post that will surely bring good vibes and inspiration. I hope to join the contest knowing this is my second new year taking pizza orders for the new year's eve.


Oh Rosy imagine that? We are all spending New year in a different way and that is the beauty about it. Perhaps it is not the way you want to spend it, but im sure they pay extra right? Besides, now you have a post very different than everyone else! New Years Eve pizza style, hell yeah! I really hope you make a post about it :) Don´t forget to Resteem this post :)

I already have some ideas for the New Year Eve. Looking forward to put all the pieces togheter for the story, and post it before 3rd of Jan. Thank you for doing this @anomadsoul.


Great man, that was the whole purpose, to give people some time to put the idea together and in new years eve just enjoy and take some pics or video and make a nice post about it :) Don´t forget to resteem this post!


Of course you are welcome my friend, everybody is! Ill see your post tomorrow, thanks for joining the contest, dont forget to resteem this post ^^

Nice yours post

It's cool contest, I want ti challenge it.
Thank you brother @anomadoul for making this contest.

Happy New Year!


Let´s see you post soon! Remember you have until January 3rd to do it and don´t forget to resteem this post :)

Can I make a video on dtube for this?


Coolio, Dtube videos are always welcome :) Don´t forget to RS this so more people can join.



Yes my friend everyone can join! Don´t forget to resteem this post :D

THis is so cool!

I most say this @amomadsoul your among the great minds that motivate me in the world planet steemit like seriously. Thank for such though deep thinker always rule the world. You have always care for people i really appricate you for that


Don´t worry my friend, just a steemian trying to help the steemcosystem one contest at a time :) Thanks for your kind words. I expect to see your entry soon! Don´t forget to resteem this post :)


yeah @anomadsoul this is my entry i really waited to link my acct on live streaming so that my fellow steemains to enjoy our live service from canaanland nigeria. Juat few hours to new year. Thank for putting smile on our face

im here in this amazing contest :D i try to tell about our reality here in Venezuela


That is amazing my friend, i am sure that in venezuela the traditions and rituals are very interesting. I hope to see your entry, don´t forget to Resteem this post!


Well here its a little bit of chaos...but i try to put a smile on my face and try to share with my lovely family (my sister and my niece) we try to survive here and buy food, are too expensive here and not noisy fireworks here...cause the crisis its so hard. but we try to smile and be cool, and positive and share the family dinner.. i resteem this post just right now. bless and salut from caracas. happy new year. here its raining a lot

Ah, I only saw this now because I was not a follower, good thing the deadline isn't today, I can try making the prep in video but all cakes are finished and everything is already bought for New Years :/. I will see how it turns out if it will be atleast decent video I'll submit. I wish to you, your family, friends and everyone here on steemit a very Happy New Year!


You still have time! Don´t forget to resteem this post so more people like you, find out soon enough :D

If you can´t do a video, maybe pictures or just a nice narration is enough :)


Sadly I got so wasted, been awake from old year eve to now year eve for 34 and something hours, and I was drinking for 23 hours of awake time... I was so wasted I slept 13 hours afterwards haha