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The final day for Steemfest isn't here yet but I'm pretty much wrecked by now from too much drinks, sleep deprivation, and people, so here's a brief highlight from my pov in no order for those interested:-

  1. Connected with some non Steemit Inc developers. Making a note to increase support for @elear and @heimindanger's work to improve the Steem platform.

  2. Gained confidence in Steemit Inc's engineering team listening to their talk and Q&A session. Tbh felt kinda touched knowing they've been enabling so many of us on this platform.

  3. Didn't manage to go to every talk, but I think @sndbox's presentation should have been one of the "main" slots. IMO, they're doing great work, adding legitimacy to the Steem ecosystem. Very professional stuff. Any Steem developers should contact them for visual works. Also, note to suggest @sndbox to connect with @wmougayar and @elear. Inspire and funnel content consumers into taking active part contributing in open-source communities via content.

  4. @terrybrock's fantastic MCing is a great addition to Steemfest.

  5. Too many faces to usernames and conversations. Very overwhelming sometimes. In a good way of course. Way more people this year. If the event grows any larger, I would need plenty of Red Bull and a bigger brain.

  6. Finally had the great pleasure of meeting and conversing in-length with @sterlinluxan, @lukestokes, and @charlie777pt after discovering each other through our essays on Steemit last year. Pretty awesome finding connections through love of writing and communicating ideas.

  7. @joythewanderer mentioned a very interesting idea that devs should work on: stackoverflow for travel stuff. If you're reading this, remember to figure out your wishlist for such an app!

  8. Thanks to @knozaki2015, @bitrocker2020, @voronoi and @hansikhouse for taking care of my rather poorly planned trip. Much appreciated.

  9. Why so much alcohol? Lol. Never had speech stutter before with alco, but experiencing it this time. Kinda scary. Must be getting older. Note to control my intake even in such a fun environment.

  10. Some hiccups but overall @roelandp has done it again and even better venues this time. Also @sneak slayed the dancefloor with his really dope acid and techno dj set.

  11. @arcange promised special achievement badges for us who got lost walking around town trying to find the after-after party venue...

  12. Bought a new pair of shoes after like 4 years. Don't get high cut ever. Hell on my heels for the past few days.

  13. Most interesting talk for me is by William Mougayar @wmougayar. Can highly relate with his ideas of the token economy and the future of work. Check out his stuff!

Many more stuff but my brain is on the verge of shutting off now. Didn't take any good pictures at all, but here's a cute one during my flight earlier this week.



Thanks Kevin for the pleasure of meeting one of the brightest and inquisitive minds in the Steemit community.
In every community of breaking edge technologies I've been involved the face-to-face meeting of people, we virtually relate always reveals exceptional human beings than we could imagine.
See you tomorrow for dinner after a nice sleep.
The best thing in virtual communities is to meet poeple in real life, the connection of the blockchain with the real world

@charlie777pt hi, I'd love to have been there! Cheers, my friend!

Awesome meeting up with you @charlie777pt. Yea some would debate that its best to have this piece of tech proliferate by focusing in online operations but id tend to agree that irl is where the action is at :)

Awesome details on the event Kevin, Luke Stokes is a totally great guy isn't he? You and him and many others have helped me just now reach 500 followers starting from scratch 5 months ago as a travel blogger. I did a shout out post of appreciation for those who've helped and supported my work here. I made sure to give you a mention as you certainly have been a positive influence and helped support my work. If you get a chance check out the post, but if not I totally understand. Steemit can be overwhelming for me and I'm just a travel blogger here. Your brain is probably spinning from all the info you just took in at steemfest. Just know your support is greatly appreciated. If my blog keeps going the way it has; I'll be meeting you in person at the next steemfest! Have a great day. - Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Hi Kevin, it was great to meet you and so many amazingly real but down to earth people with inspiring ideas. My brain is fit to explode with new app ideas.
I haven't written any code in years but meeting you and all the devs has put a fire under my butt to create something new and beneficial for the community.

There is nothing like meeting people face to face and as we discussed. It is incredible to me that the personas of the steemians we met totally matched their real life personas. Kind, passionate and smart.

It's not a very English thing to say, being that us Brits are so reserved but everyone who I interacted with were awesome including your good self.

I'm a bit of a lightweight on the booze too and the red wine was so creamy and delicious that I was pretty wasted yesterday but recovered enough for tonight's final dinner which a was a blast in the botanical gardens.

Here's to a great year ahead and look forward to next years #steemfest3

Bought a new pair of shoes after like 4 years.

Lol. damn dude... sure, there might be some wisdom in conserving gains and not breaking the bank upon the crypto windfalls, though surely it's worth getting a new pair of kicks at least once a year... :-D

Rok, I agree in principles, nevertheless in this scenario, thoughful consideration needs to be place in footwear preparation before the festivities begin

got lost walking around town trying to find the after-after party venue...

'Cause next year organizers will hard-fork SteemFest3* agenda to include the 'after-After-AFTER' party.....this could result in some serious walking around.

Optional Backup Name Tag for SteemFest 2018

** for other gear or implant preparation for SteemFest HardFork 2018 see my comment to @kevinwong below.....way, way below........just turn your mouse upside down and zoom-zoom the little wheel like a car for 30seconds and you'll see it =P

Haha u know my thought process lol..

Hi ~i'm korean I saw you at Steemfest.
Do you remember the steembanner I gave you as a gift?
I want to see you again next year at Steemfest.

Yes, thank you for the gift. And also the cool name card!

@kevinwong - Even in your sleep-deprived and not-so-alcohol-deprived state, you have managed to put together quite a list of observations and mental connects!! You certainly have a brain big enough and would not yet need an upgrade for years to come in my humble opinion
I have read articles and about Steemians you mention but your writeup gives me a feel of having met them somehow - perhaps because you have succinctly mentioned what value add they brought to Steemit and to the Steemfest interactions.
Thanks for the update. I hope I will get to experience it all some day in some future Steemfest when I gather enough rep and SBD to make it there.

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Thank you for the updates. it must be great to meet the steemians in person. I am putting in down on my must do list to attend Steemfest3.0 no matter what.

hahahah! Well you make a good flyer even when you drink :) So awesome meeting you.

Likewise karen. Thanks for the acroyog experience :D

Good that you finally reveal you secret alias. I always had a feeling it could be you ;)

Awesome that you could make it to Steemfest, it's awesome to see the commitment of Steemit members.

I have seen some posts from @sndbox but I need to check it out more in detail because it would be fun to join such a creative outlet

Hope you get some good rest ! Cheers

It is very inspiring to read all that took place (alcohol aside). LOL

There seems to be a lot going on and I am convinced the non steemit developers are onto some hot ideas. I absolutely love the zappl concept and am willing to wait for them to work out some of the kinks in the system. That is going to be a major homerun for the steem blockchain.

Being one who is online and not at Steemfest, it is interesting the contract. There is a lot of negativity on here of late while all optimism coming out of Steemfest. I get the Tony Robbins rah rah concept but I do not believe that is what is going on. There seems to be genuine progress made on so many fronts.

There was even a rumor of a mobile wallet coming out in December....that would be huge....more than 50% of internet traffic around the world now occurs on mobile devices.

Thanks for your take on the events.

Was awesome meeting you @kevinwong time to get some sleep and not have a glass of wine.

Likewise Simon. And the drink continues :) lol

It's obvious that your friendship ledger has expanded through this SteemFest.

Steemit is really shaping our world into our dreamed world by making it a social and decentralized world

Bought a new pair of shoes after like 4 years. Don't get high cut ever. Hell on my heels for the past few days.
Haha... please do not crack me up here. Anyways its a good thing you saw the need to do that at steemfest.

Your experiences are not bad at all. Am sure you are having fun too. Another thing is you can handle the alcohol part...hahah. This is a fest to remember.


Oh, I'm so happy you were welcome in my hometown and country! I'm proud SteemFest2 was held there, and I hope to be present in the next one. Thanks for your support, @kevinwong, I truly appreciate it. Cheers to you and to my friend @charlie777pt, that introduced me to Steemit, I can never thank that enough!

Awesome, glad you're finding the platform life changing in some ways :)

I do, truly. I'm a humanist so I identify myself with a platform based on altruism, meritocracy, and kindness. So far is what I have met here on Steemit. Cheers, Kevin, nice to meet you :)) I will visit your blog. I guess I should have known about you (74 of reputation, wow!), but it's never too late :)). Thanks for your comment!

Yes I wonder how you guys introduce yourself in the party, by real name or username? I think username would be a good idea. But it would be kinda strange at the same time too haha.

Lol username is much easier!

Awesome! I wish We all could be there!

Come to the next one°!

I hope I will be able to !

It's always a pleasure to hang out with you on top of the "world", #rooftop at FX factory! See you again next year!

So awesome hanging out with you at SteemFest Kevin! Very much looking forward to the next opportunity to chill together!

Same here @dougkarr! All the best in the upcoming shoots!

Overall looks like you had a blast and met so many interesting people mate!
Nice one with the name on the high life chat Mr Satoshi!Lol!

Nice to see good things happening at steemfest :) Also amazing that you had a brilliant time brother !

All the best and take care with the sleep, its quite vital <3

great that satoshi could make it to steemfest :D ! @sndbox and @utopian-io are definitely great new projects doing amazing stuff...

making friends and memories is all that is needed to make life fun and profitable, not so bad a combination,is it?

It is a very good post ♫
I’m @moromaro.
one of japanese we accompanied party yesterday.
I'm glad to see you.
Please follow me.

a very good habit is to take the time to rest in peace, reducing drinking alcohol is a good thing in maintaining health. thank you for sharing and hope the days are full of happiness.

Thanks for the good information. Steemfest the best project. Sounds like fun. Good job!

Mengapa begitu banyak alkohol? Lol. Belum pernah ada pembicaraan gagap sebelumnya dengan alco, tapi mengalaminya kali ini. Agak menakutkan. Harus bertambah tua. Perhatikan untuk mengendalikan asupan saya bahkan di lingkungan yang menyenangkan.

are you an alco lovers?

Thanks for keeping us apprised of what is going on at steemfest this year.

Nice steemfest blog upvoted

Thank you. I am a newbie

nice post

Great post, @kevinwong...:)

Anyway, please take a look just a moment to this post. I'd like to recommend this nice spot to be the next SteemFest Location/Destination, named Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia.

This spot near India and Australia. Would you like to support my effort too? If you agree please upvote and resteem it >

seems like you had a great time there thanks for updating us with all the best of steemfest :)

Sounds interesting, you met important people for steemit development. I hope steemfest bring good impact for steemit community.

I know how you feel Kevin! I may well have 'overindulged' and can feel your pain on point 9... fused with a lack of sleep is no bueno ;)
Either way, a great list and you cover some things and people I didn't know about. And that @terrybrock is a character!

Thank you for this steemfest summary. Do you know if the sessions will be available to watch later?

wonderful post and good writing @kevinwong

Thank You Kevin 4 keeping us UpDated... and also...

Thank You 4 being honest about being "wrecked" for all the reasons
You mentioned.

Have Fun and Stay Safe...

Cheers !!

Thank you all you, made successful Steemfest,

hi Kevin, glad to meet you in Lisbon. Let me know about Art curation :)

Is the art community growing atm?

I think it is. there are different groups for artists at the moment (snd-box, art-trail, steem artist guild, steemarket). my own website,, is not growing actually: I have to develope/promote it.

you are great and excellent in the development of steemit and steemfest. I learned a lot from you about the experience of playing and developing my blog in steemit. thanks for your dedication so far .. good job @kevinwong

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about SteemFest². Thanks and good luck again!

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Great to have your POV on steemfest2...@kevinwong

It's obvious you had a blast :)Sleep tight man

Hopefully, steemfest3 is in Malaysia
I am sure will very much participate :)

Now that the Steemit GUI is redesigned and I know you will hate this - there is room very a very high class advertising strip on the right for banner ads...@kevinwong. I might be able to do this but, I might not, slap in an advertisement area into the GUI

Sounds like fun and informative steemfest.

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