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RE: My thoughts on Steemfest²

in #my-notes4 years ago

Bought a new pair of shoes after like 4 years.

Lol. damn dude... sure, there might be some wisdom in conserving gains and not breaking the bank upon the crypto windfalls, though surely it's worth getting a new pair of kicks at least once a year... :-D


Rok, I agree in principles, nevertheless in this scenario, thoughful consideration needs to be place in footwear preparation before the festivities begin

got lost walking around town trying to find the after-after party venue...

'Cause next year organizers will hard-fork SteemFest3* agenda to include the 'after-After-AFTER' party.....this could result in some serious walking around.

Optional Backup Name Tag for SteemFest 2018

** for other gear or implant preparation for SteemFest HardFork 2018 see my comment to @kevinwong below.....way, way below........just turn your mouse upside down and zoom-zoom the little wheel like a car for 30seconds and you'll see it =P

Haha u know my thought process lol..