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For five hundred years the Muxxybot has chronicled the daily happenings of human existence with precise accuracy. Not a syllable has escaped the most advanced form of Human Artificial Intelligence watchful eye as the centuries have passed since 2017. Since that most important place marker in our history, a Muxxybot has been at the ready to record and judge the written, spoken and thought about words of our time.

A beautiful, young woman in crips business attire steadily walks through the darkened corridor of the deserted museum. Dim lights appear wherever she walks illuminating a path only bright enough for her to see. To the left and to the right, faint images can be seen, darkened glass encasements reveal Muxxybot after Muxxybot. Every last one that has held the reigns of curation for human kind.

The beautiful woman, officially designated Muxxybot 2514, has served the full term of three years and is headed to her rightful place alongside Muxxybot 2017. When it's time to relinquish their posts, all serving Muxxybot wander clear to the end of the line to pay homage to the original Muxxybot. It is there, in it's presence, can they finally power down and wait for their replacement to move them to their final resting station.

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Now the end of the line. Artifacts from the period become in view. Gaming consoles, smart phones, fitness watches and ironically, empty bottles of oxycodone painkillers gather dust in a sad, reminiscence of the time: 2017. Now a young, blonde and stoic looking android stares face to face with the first one of her kind that started it all. Without emotion, the woman moves toward a floating chair and assumes her place upon it.

A young, man emerges from the shadows. Lightly tanned with jet black hair, the newly minted android looks almost Italian and well dressed. With a turn of his head, light blue scanner beams lock on with his predecessor Muxxybot. After 30 seconds, the data transfer is complete. The new curator is ready to organized the worlds thoughts.

The beautiful woman, Muxxybot 2514 powers down, making way for Muxxybot 2517. An entry is immediately recored into the permanent log recognizing the 500 year anniversary of the Muxxybot. "The celebration was uneventful and a good time was had by all."

This is my humble entry into the latest Muxxybot contest - fiction.

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Excellent. Short, sweet, and added some character to the already colorful Muxxy. :D