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We are very pleased to have discovered quite a few interesting posts about and around music during last week.

The Eurovision song contest resulted in a lot of posts, of which many are not really worth it to spend time on, but some where outstanding; One of the later category we've included in our list this week.

We've included also two posts, both great posts by itself, aiming to raise funds:

  1. for poor children, and
  2. for booking a band.

All posts are still open to receive votes; When you like, you can support, simply read further.

Calella Rockfest challenge: hiring a band with Steemit Upvotes. Post#5 "How musicians go to the concerts"

by @calisay

A great - and to some extend quite funny - post. The type of cars one can see in the parking lot at festivals may hint to a particular type of band or artist. From a Citroen 2CV for the young local band, to the private Boeing Jumbo Jet for the worldwide famous band. This is the fifth post in the series to raise funds to book a band for the upcoming Calella Rockfest.

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Is media screwing our confidence?

by @zpedro

Based on the Eurovision song contest, @zpedro expresses his opinion on media, their constant references to talent and the possible implications to society and children in more particular. I certainly agree with the author: talent alone is not enough to become a professional artist. In most cases - if not all - an artist needs to work hard, has to experience failure after failure and add business elements around the art, to be able to make a living.

The author finishes his post with some very cool sharing initiatives: a basic income and a fund raising request for the children in São Tomé.

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Woke AF HipHop Playlist # 5

by @amariespeaks

Many Steemians post other peoples music; But - in my honest opinion - without a lot of value add. This article is different! The author starts out with the statement "Many look at today's world of crap rap and hip-pop and think there is nothing real or intelligent in the whole genre. You've never been more wrong." With some examples, we can read meaningful facts and personal opinions.

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Az Jazz Guitar Lessons #5: The Importance of Rhythm

by @azsamad

@azsamad is running a series of posts to teach about the Guitar in the Jazz music genre. Most teaching series on Steemit are quite specific to instrument players and may not be of too much interest for the music fan. This series is different imho. This series of posts is certainly enjoyable to read for anybody who is interested in music and like to learn a bit more about Jazz. Music examples of top Jazz artists are included as well, and that makes it even more fun.

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The Difference Between A Beat Maker and A Producer

by @illkrux

Being an audio engineer and producer, the author expresses his view on what a beat maker and what a producer is. He starts out: "Often time have I seen the term 'Beat Maker' and 'Producer/Music Producer' clashing with each other. The difference may have been drastic back in the days but with technology and opportunities, the line is getting blurred."

Ever interested in getting an insiders view? Click the image below.

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written by @edje aka @qsounds
supported by @mammasitta aka @massivevibration

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Thanks a lot for being included in Curator's Choice post, and for the big upvote!
We'll keep trying to get our target, to hire a band with Steemit Upvotes!

Work hard, Play hard :) Hope you are getting to your goal! I had a great laugh when reading your post, super :)

Working to achieve the goal. The festival is
organized by a non-profit association so any earning is welcomed!
Also trying to give a funny touch to the posts.
Thanks for your work supporting music on Steemit.

Always good to bring some fun into a post! I do like it for sure :)

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.

Thank you so much for featuring my playlist post, and for the upvote! I'm so happy to hear you say this post is different - I hope people will be intrigued check out the music because the messages in each one are very relevant and important to what's going on today.
Thanks again so much for including my post! I'm honored! :-D

Your welcome; Certainly your post is an example how value can be added to music created by others.

Nice article..Keep it up,,
thanks for sharing

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Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the upvotes early in the week and for the great work you guys are doing in general. Keep it up :)

How nice; You're Welcome :)

Yes! Rad!! Love the collection of post and what it is you guys do!! thanks for it!!!!

Thank you so much.

Nice curation guys :) and thank you very much for the HUGE upvote and the shout out!

Your welcome! :)

Just wanted to pop by and say thank you so much for the upvote! It was an incredible thing to wake up to this morning. 😃

How cool! :) We go for surprises :)

Excellent initiative and I really appreciate the support. In return I have added @illuminati-inc to my voting bot at 100% .... is not much but does at least contribute to the pool. keep up the good work !!!
Without music .... no soul !!

How cool! Many thanks for your support!

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