How to read music and find notes on the piano

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I've been teaching piano for almost 20 years now, and I've noticed with adults who want to learn piano that the thought of learning to read sheet music can be pretty daunting.

I made a video that pretty much explains why we write music the way we do, and the simplest way to go about learning it and finding the notes on a piano or keyboard. This really is geared toward adults who know very little or had only a little bit of note reading when they were young and want to restart.

Due to the length (I had a LOT of info to cover!), I do have times for where certain topics are discussed below. If you watch it on Youtube, you can click on the timestamps in the description and it will take you directly there, otherwise you can just fast forward to those spots if you want to skip over some of the basics at the beginning.

Introduction: 0:00
Keyboard Orientation: 0:46
Note Names 2:38
Music Notation 9:10
Clefs 15:55
Reading Notes 19:27
Intervals 28:51
Rhythm 35:56
Note Values 38:44
Measures 42:00

Thank you for watching! Follow me if you'd like to see more instructional videos and posts on learning piano and singing!


@curie always bring us something amazing

Excellent post. So much so, that I was inspired to create a new weekly post of my Top 5 Music posts. You're #1 this week! That means that I'm promoting this post, upvoting with 100% Steem Power, resteeming and following you. As a fellow professional musician and instructor, I think this is a fantastic resource! Congrats on the nice earnings; you deserve it!

So glad it helped you!

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very informative, great video! I'm sure you have very talented students

LOL, varying talent, but I love them all :)

You're killing it, just like I knew you would. Good job!

Thanks for all your help! Steemit is a great platform for getting ideas out there - this video has been up on Youtube for a week and no one's seen it, but here, people are viewing it and getting something out of it (hopefully) :D

This is great experience

Wow, nice! Do you think this would be helpful to teach Ariana? Or do you have one that is more for kids?

It can work with kids, the only difference is that I do go into the "why" of things, and most kids don't care to know that (even if they are in that phase of asking "why" all the time LOL!) or they have trouble grasping it. But she's pretty sharp, so it could work!

Thanks I may give it a try. Glad someone's recognizing your talent by the way. That's awesome!

Thank you for the post! I followed you and I resteemit you. Also I have channel of music

Thank you for your support!

You planning on doing a video on chords/chord theory?

Yes, eventually I do plan to do that. I'm in the process of trying to launch my site which will have a bunch of instructional videos like this and articles as well! Keep following me for more info in the future :)

Amazing experience,

Hope this helps!

Thanks for this great tutorials, I have learned alot from this post

Glad it was helpful! If you have any other requests for videos, let me know!

Very incredible, so interested :)
I've playing some etnic music, example this one

This is really useful for someone trying to find a way around music notation...
I always had a problem of remembering how the music goes quickly so I ignored the notation and now I can't read the music and play it simultaneously anymore... It's great to remember the music quickly but I feel I should work on reading it again. So, thanks!

Ya, it does take some practice, but once you get over that initial hump, then it's simple enough to maintain. If you've had some exposure to reading already then this will actually come a bit quicker than you think. Best of luck!

I once tried to teach my mother how to play didn't go like planned :-D
I mean I did 10 years of school for piano but didn't know how to explain to my mother how to play :-D thank you for this post! I just followed you so I can learn more :-)

Learning how to play and how people learn to play are two very different things. Glad you liked the video! I plan to post more in the near future, but if you have any requests on topics you'd like me to discuss I will definitely consider them!