Donatello Dance contest - Week 10 //// "I´m Losing some weight Dancing" ^_^

in music •  9 months ago

Hi!! Guys Let´s have some fun :D


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Pond pond!!! :)

Thank You So Much ??


Thank you so so muchi

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Wow, what a dancer!
I like the title too.


hahahaha I´m doing the best that I can hahahah my muscles hurt thank u my friend

Great post!
Upvoted and resteemed!


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thanks drotto :)

You are quite the dancer, Yu ;)


hahahahaha It´s hard to me my friend a lot of weight in my body I´m like a elephant hahahahahhahaha thanks for passing to my crazy blog it´s such an honor :3


Lol, from my observations, chubby people are very good dancers because the extra weight adds some balance :D haha


hahahahahahahahhahahahahahah Ohh Man I´m laughing so loud
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