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Hi everyone! こんにちは!曲解説は英文中に、そのほかの日本語訳は下にあります><

The ambience of my village today. 今日のわが集落の様子。

Thank you very much for many comments and upvote to my first steemit post. I was encouraged very much.

Did you listen to my ambient DJ mix which I shared in my first Steemit post already?
This is it.

I think this kind of ambient sounds tend to be listened at small volume in calm situations like when you are going to bed. This is good. But I also want you to listening to ambient music at higher volume sometimes. Wide frequency sound will massage your brains and make you relax. I think ambient will be nice in day time or even at home parties!!

From here, I introduce my impression of each tracks of the mix. I hope this helps you to share more imagination. You can buy all of the tracks from link page of beatport.

Return Of The Sun (Original Mix) - Purl, Deflektion
This track have holly and also energetic atmosphere. You can hear sounds like ocean wave and twitter of little birds but maybe they are not recording one, they can be made with synthesizer or by some noise. I could star with mixture feeling of relief, expectation and little tension.

Ocean_Waves_Minilogue_Dream_Drone_Remix - KUNIYUKI TAKAHASHI
I love this track very much. The expanding feeling of the first tack is forgotten without notice with recorded wave sound and led you to a deepness which is the essence of this mix. And hey, it's artist is Japanese!

My Dreams Feat. Andre Butano (Original Mix) - Leon (Italy)
This is a only song which has a voice and clear beat in the mix. I chose this track for a early break to prepare for deep music journey from next song. I google voice translated the language. This can be Spanish speaking about music. I had to check if he speaks dirty violence slang or not^^

Arecibo_Original_Mix - Carbon Based Lifeforms
I definitely imagine outer space by this track. Ancient earth is also coming up in my mind. I wonder if i would go to space in the future.

Cold Room (808 Lounge's Underwater Dub) - Aural Imbalance
This is one of the highlight of this mix. Its sound is like the very moment of birth of life or birth of the universe. In this meaning the flow of time goes back from previous track. This reserve flow of time is maybe a key point of deepness of this mix.

Landfall (Ambient Version) - Marco Madia
Birth is always sacred, hard and shocking. After( or before) that all of the emotions and feelings are melted and only a sense like stagnating water is left. This track is something like that.

Spirits_Original_Mix - anyone knows who is the artist of this track? I lost my purchase record...
Finally we are here, the world of spirits. I think there is no feelings there but it sounds bit sad some how. I think this shows my awe to the world...

Drifting (live edit) - Circular
I love this track!! How tender sounds this track has. After this deep and exiting venture of music I want to give you a healing in the end. And the very last part of this track there is little of voice and some daily life noise. This indicate that everything is in dreams and also in a real lives of everyone.

Speaking of healing, I want to share this wonderful song!


OK, I must have talk too much. But it was nice I could realize by myself what is happening in my mix. Of course music is yours so I hope you enjoy and feel it in your way.

Thank you very much for reading. Next mix will be minimal house that are currently my main selection for the dance floor. I will select the next tracks from new released as much as possible.

bye bye!




、、、、ということで、ちょっと自分で自分の音楽についてしゃべり過ぎたですね。笑 でも自分でも何を考えてミックスしてるのか改めて認識できてよかったです。もちろんどういう風に音楽を聴くかは自由なので、みなさんの聞き方で感じて楽しんでもらえたらうれしいです!




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