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Hey @officialfuzzy, @fuzzyvest, @jphenderson, and @akrid... Here is the pilot I (@rubenalexander) was talking about.


To present original Steemian music in a organic way.

Show Notes:

This pilot is an example of what Whaleshares radio will sound like. Any talking will have music behind it. All songs before and after breaks will be 100% original music made by steemians with links to the song's post in the steemit post and on the youtube playlist.

The breaks can be educational, informal chat between me and other steemians, or promotional if a steemian wants to help curate a playlist and promote their project.

This playlist can be loaded in the discord chat or remixed if someone wanted to make their own playlist. I like the idea of keeping use open.

I used the closest mic to me, so the quality isn't the best I can get. I have a high grade mic and mixer available for future shows.

I am declining payouts since I haven't come to an agreement with the musicians in this pilot. In the future, there would most likely be a discussion as to the appropriate way to compensate musicians if there were rewards from the upvotes.


Full Show: Sign in to the whaleshares discord and connect to the Whaleshares radio channel -> https://discord.gg/NwqVSfb (Pilot is queued multiple times)

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDWu4j7PeKQMIGaudCbJ0xzdIZBjhnZCh


Special Thanks:

To @akrid for setting up the discord Whaleshares Radio music channel, chatting about bots, and providing early feedback.


I can embed a soundcloud playlist, but I need to have a pro account before I hit the upload limit.

I can't embed a youtube playlist or have a youtube playlist appear like a youtube/vimeo/soundcloud url does . I had to manually download and assemble the video you see to get it display correctly.

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@whalesharesradio I like the participation concept, but I don't make/record music so is this only for musicians?
I have not heard whaleshares radio yet, but maybe other art forms - like poems/very short stories or very-informative-comments - could be entered to the (podcast)?


Sure. I think if we have enough material, we can do a Spoken Word show.


@whalesharesradio Awesome!

Would you edit your post to make that detail known or mention it in future posts and radio shows?

Complete sweetness.

But seriously...why not take payment?


I was thinking I should ask permission before using people's tracks. I could have in theory just split the liquid reward, but I was just trying to get the pilot out. Future posts will not block the reward, but just be used to pay artists, contests, or for whaleshare radio ventures.

Very interesting work.

Awesome! Keep it up man. How much does a soundcloud pro account cost?


Soundcloud Pro (6 hours max) $63 / year

Soundcloud Pro Unlimited $135 / year


Well that is more expensive than I thought lol

What a great idea :-)

I love you guys. I spread myself thin but that doesn't mean anything.

This makes it really tempting for me to share my music on steemit and with it my identity.....maybe after I have more than live recordings


I think live recordings are fine. I expect we'll have a show with only live recordings so jump on in!


good news, ill be spending 2 months in a place with a studio and a bunch of musicians i havent met before. kind of exciting, ill see if i can make any decent recordings

nice dudes, way to go! what times you guys run through? , or does ruben not sleep? xD


What is sleep?


I am trying to get a few shows together. When I see the "snowball" building we can try working in live shows. When that comes, times will be announced.

Gonna check this out!

i am a professional musician who has released music on itunes and amazon - i have posted a couple of my songs on my page with very little response - i am happy you are setting up a radio show and i would enjoy some of my music being featured -- you can hear most of my songs on this link https://www.reverbnation.com/daydreams4rock and i will read the post above again later to link up with discord etc. -- very happy to be pointed in the right direction -D


Listening to your music! I did a quick scan, and Totally Free stood out.

Hey, definitely put Totally Free in a post and tag the post with summermusic and whaleshares. If you think other songs you have fit in a summer playlist, post them as well with the same tags as I've described in this post.



wow -thanks very much for listening to my music - i have another song Crestta which is surf style pop rock that i will share too - i really appreciate your help -good on you -David Emanuel

I am interested in signing up musicians for my project, too. Since I am one whaleshares, I figured I would add my plug, too.

The thing is, original Steemian content should not be simply shared freely, but rather the people utilizing it should be willing to cough up a few coins here and there for these artists. That's sort of what I am trying to do.

This offer is still good, even past the payout of my announcement:

Musicians & Photographers: Get $3 SBD if you sign up for Steem StockPhotos


I agree with you. I will check out your page.

Thank you, success to you in your positive endeavors

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