A visit at the bar refreshes your music :)

in music •  14 days ago 

When visiting the pub in Piskopiano – Crete I did got some new inspiration about music and songs.
Songs which I did knew from the past but never really paid attention to.


One which really surprised me in a possitive way was 500 miles from The Proclaimers. In my younger years this had been a hit but I never paid any attention tot that style of music. Now hearing this song several times in the pub, it’s a pretty catchy tune and well arranged :)


The night before the soccer match between Ajax and Chelsea we were in the pub, there was this guy together with his girlfriend. I already noticed that he had quiet a few drinks already and was talking a bit strange :) But I got into a chat with him about football and (yep) Brexit. In the last topic he got really furrious lol…

But when Our house of Madness played he gone wild, he sang every single word in the exact tone and the exact dialect, and his girlfriend too hahaha , brilliant.


Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond is considered a real evergreen, and it is… But does he have some voice… While the song played all the British people sang along on a big volume :) And of course we did too…


This song they played because my brother in law asked for it. It’s from the Dutch band “Normaal” . The song is about 2 guys riding dirtbikes and eventually crash. The band is from the eastern part of Holland and also sings in the language / dialect from that part. They are (still) very popular among the dutch farmers..


The always had this character on stage “Hendrik Jan Haverkamp” a bit of a silly farmer which entertained the crowd and played a important part in the gig’s of Normaal.

At a certain point the merchandising of Normaal went beyond limits. The even had their own beer :) and it was very succesfull, in the early eighties a lot of local bars serverd the beer, and of course all farmers ordered that beer in stead of the regulars… :)

Have a great day,


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You know your have made it big when you have your own beer!

Would be awesome to get you one. don't know if they are still around..and most important drinkable hahaha

The drinkable party is especially important!!

That is really cool. I like that the bar was willing to play such a wide variety of music for all of you. Neil Diamond is one of my favorites so I would have been singing along too! It sounds like you had a wonderful time on Holiday.

Neil Diamond is a legend, I always return to his hits when i get frustrated with looking for new music. Is it true that Mike Diamond is his son and also Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell) ?

I guess I don't know about his family that much. I got to see him in concert a couple of years ago and he was still fantastic though. I remember the first time I saw him on TV it was for some Independence day thing and he was singing Coming to America. He is such a talented song writer and singer. Part of what I love abut his is his distinct voice. Assuming the Internet can be trusted, he has two daughters and two sons, but not the ones you mentioned.

We sure had. And Neil Diamond is a real legend.... !!

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