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I know this was to be turned in on Friday. Due to life, I am very behind on the promises I have made for myself. Even though I know this is late and not eligible for entry, I am still going through with this because I believe in what @eaglespirit is doing and this is the best way to show support. Winning prizes is awesome. Helping friends means more to me.

Sorry, not getting any singing from me LOL. The kids still think I sing great, I think their biased. As far as poetry, most music is poetry so that's covered 😋 I had 2 approaches to this, freedom of music and the freedom in music. I was trying to decide which way I was going to go. Just sitting down and processing how I am going to forward it looks like I am going to be covering how music affects me, always the easiest way to approach just about anything.

Growing up the best way for me to just lose myself was with music. I tolerated what my mom listened to, but what really struck a chord with me is when I could actually releate to the music. To many of my friends heard a tune and loved a song. I was the one always singing along with the music. Depending on my mood would depend on how I would react. Most of the time I just get it lost in the music. I keeps my mind at ease. It keeps my mind from wandering to places it doesn't go. I am grateful that the job I have now I can play my own play list and just work away. It's takes such a stress off. I sing, I research and away I go.

Freedom songs aren't all songs freedom to the musician? Music comes from a place within us. Good, bad, life, and feelings isn't that the making of of a song? Here are a few examples to get you thinking. 'A.D.I.D.A.S' by Korn, Jonathan Davis has said in several interviews that the song was about his addiction to sex when he was younger. This one I think is a little obvious regarding the content of the song. The song '3am' by Matchbox Twenty, was about when Rob Thomas' mom was dying of cancer. She would have moments of being delirious. When you really listen to this song knowing this, it changes everything. 'Pumped Up Kicks' by Foster The People is about the Columbine Massacre. I know how the incident affected me, it has taken on new meaning now living in Colorado. Quite a few people in the community here honestly never forget anything.

Listening to non-lyrical music is far more freeing. If you have ever sat down and listened to a concerto. Watch a musician play, not a rock band, a violinist, flutist or a cellist. I get more wrapped up in someone playing a piece of music and watching them be a part of the music. It moves them more than it moves the listener. It's a balance a pure blissful freedom. I have played the violin and flute for a short period of time. Watching my mother cringe everytime time I got a note wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless of how poorly I played. The funny fact, I was so small when I was in grade school when I played, my fingers couldn't reach the right combinations. Violin was much easier than the flute was. I have no idea why our teacher didn't talk me into the piccolo, I would have been able to reach the valves much easier.

As long as there is music, there will always freedom. Freedom from dark thoughts or problems from the musician and the listener. Freedom to be free from and enjoy weddings, special moments, and so forth will always take us back to a time and place. It will always give both parties a freedom to be. It is truly what resonates within you. With music on the radio, take a moment and truly listen to the lyrics.

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I hear you - music is an escape, a balm, makes your heart soar freeeeeee..... xx


Most definitely :) Thank you so much for commenting.

I love Sir Paul Mccartney song entitled "Freedom" and "Hope of deliverence" then Sir Freddy Mercury with The Queen "I want to break free" if anyone say word "freedom" no matter in music or life.. my mind will automatically remind the songs and I can hear the earworms reffrain. Why? The first song is a good song to raise my spirit when Aceh in a long conflict phase with the Indonesian Government, then the second song has a deep meaning to understand the various unique people in the world and the last one is a good expression when I feel something unspoken towards people or other creatures.

Even though I only loves the jazz music and Acehnese Traditional music, but I appreciate all musicians and genre and so proud of them who can arrange the music they love no matter it has lyric or not. The one thing I know for sure.. music is a universal language, a song for Gaza entittled "We're not go down in Gaza Tonight" has a big impact to raise awareness of different political ideology in my country to work together and help.

Happy monday @tryskele😘

'I Want to Break Free' is on one of my favorite songs. That is the beauty of music, it moves the heart and soul. No matter where you are, for that brief moment you're free. For you, it's Jazz and local music for someone else it can be Elvis Presley or Mozart. I should look up some of the music you listen to. I have discovered so much music from others on the platform.
There are so many songs I can list, it could be a full page of just song titles LOL!
💜💜💜💜 U @cicsaja

Freedom of speech would have been a good one for this week.🌞 I love music. Have a room full of different instruments as most of the family can play one or more. It really is a release on an energetic level.


She just may do that. I'm not sure what's in store for this Friday. I'll have to check.

I really need to make more time for music. I use to be much more connected to it but that was when things where hard. Now that they are better I guess I just don't like to go back into those songs that remind of bad times. But I should try to find more new music.


I try to take the songs with bad memories out. Our radio stations around here are horrible, I don't think they would know new music if it bit them on the bum or strangled them LOL. When I'm trying to hear new stuff, I stream stations in LA or San Diego mostly (my home area) or I'll stream Pandora with just new stuff. This doesn't get to happen too often. I have a great mix for work, but we play music wars :( again stuck listening to a lot of stuff I don't like. I really watch the mood of my music when I'm at work. They're starting to realize. 60, 70 oldies with a few exceptions is kind off too mellow. Anything Queen will light me up in a half second.

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thank you for your philosophy and support ... love me some @tryskele! you are awesome and i love having you on steemit. much love, eagle spirit

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Thank you so much. This one seems to have moved people. Have to thank @eaglespirit for #freedomfriday she's definitely a special person.