Foot tapping, upbeat wanna dance music ...

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Hokay, I am again in music mode so just bear with me for a day or so. After yesterdays drive to work and my music post (listen here) I spend a lot of time listening to music.

Three tracks which makes it almost impossible not to sing along and tap your feet

Irene Cara from the movie Flashdance - What a Feeling

If you were static whilst listening to that then I suggest you call for the morgue van ...

Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine

Blood still not pumping ... then crank up the volume and sing along with Nena !!

Nena - 99 Red Balloons

Okay, working on an "In the Kitchen" post which will have a bit more substance...

Thanks for reading ... listening ... and if you have some footstomping, bounce around the room music to share..please do!!

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Great music @themagus thank you for sharing.Greets


Greetings back.... and thank you for commenting.

Great post man! Thanks for sharing

Substance is over-rated! Another excellent selection. I've been working on a summer routine for my class - all songs with summer or sunshine in the title. Walking on Sunshine was one of them, but I hadn't started choreographing it. Three play throughs of the video, and the choreo is done!

There are many "leap up and boogy" songs, but the one that sprang to mind today was Savage Garden - Animal Song. On the chorus, make sure to spin round and round, doing aeroplane arms.

PS. Bugger, I can't do that many spins any more, I'm dizzy and had to sit down.


bwahahahaha .... sit down or ungracelly plonk down? I enjoyed the tune ... thanks...I had heard it before but not for yeonks

All three are very catchy songs :)
This song is stucking in my head for days now:

Or maybe Money from Pink Floyd - latest when the saxophone solo slides into the guitar solo I need to dance :D


Oh NO !!!! You caught me with that one :( :( that DOES stick in one's head. I will be 'One that I wanting' all weekend now.


You're welcome friend :P