Making this creation, Is that what you think ?

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Afternoon from London this is another video in my series "Making this Creation". Where I show you my video creation and then how I made the music .

In this video I got to do some small tricks at my local as well as getting another hurricane at an indoor skate park in London called Hop King

The Music

The music started life as the written word. A friend of mine sent me a poem on whatsapp all the way from South Africa. I took this narrated poem and began to build some music around it. The poem dealt with questions
surrounding spirituality and different names of God. Due to the subject matter I went with a choir sample and a weird eastern sounding string sound. You can listen to the song on soundcloud using he link below.

What does spirituality have to do with skateboarding

Skateboarding is pretty weird and you have to have some sort of faith in yourself when you magically try levitate this wooden toy into the air, along a ledge and back on the wheels

Amen to that thank you skateboarding and Steem

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OK on repeat listen I am pretty sure the first line is "I wonder what color Jesus is?" But on my first listen while watching the video I heard "I wonder what kind of cheese this is?" and then the rest of the lyrics didn't make sense after that lead in LOL

You are a legend! I love this series so much dude. It is awesome that you fit the making of video in with the skate video in one easily digestible bite sized portion paired with a nice ripe room temperature brie. Obviously Jesus is a brie cheese, right?


My dude , as we all know any art work is open to interpretation so I like the cheese metaphor although less exciting is that your former assumption is correct. I am super stoked you get to find my posts as oppossed to ejaculating them into your inbox like a steem whore. I am hoping to be in Portland in August so will stay in touch.

Fucking awesome.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.

you got sick skills bro. Keep it up @stickchumpion


Thanks alot man appreciate the comments and happy steeming

My favourite "Making this Creation" episode mate.
The music is perfect along with your skateboarding Stick.
Bs huricanes on lock yoo.
I am gonna resteem from @steemskate when I get home brother.
Much love and keep them episodes coming.


Thanks legend looking forward to April


Fuck yeah man,me too.

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Keep the skating coming and the music!


Thanks alot dude glad to see you still about

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Hahaha! I thought it was 'what kind of cheese is this"!
Wonderfully done!


Hey thanks so much , really appreciate the feedback