KPINE Your A Dime And Your Vote's So Fine :) !

in music •  7 months ago

So after some thought, I decided to freestyle a song for Kpine ! It is my absolute dream to succeed with steemit, dtube and cryptocurrency. Steemit has been changing my life for the better since august. I finally have purpose. I love my life because of steemit and dtube. It's literally been a dream come true for me and I just want this love to keep growing. I've been putting countless hours of effort into my posts and i'm so grateful for the support i've been shown so far. Kpine I'm very happy to meet you. My name is steven and i'm a musician/vlogger out of south florida. It is my dream to have your support here. My friend @acromott doesnt say enough incredible things about what your votes have done for him and his life. I hope we can connect and i want to thankyou for your incredible support for the steemit community. Anyway i hope you like my song for you, im going to make it better actually and fully produce it for you!. For anyone who sees this please go ahead and re-steem it so i can get this to kpines attention.

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LOVE it! You are incredible!


omg @kaylinart thankyou so freaking much for that. thats a strong word and i appreciate that so much :) i feel quite similarly about you :))) youve been such a major support for me and id love to make a song for you as well ! that could be my next project ! if you can help me resteem this cause i really want kpine to see it that would be awesome. i decided id like to make a song for you regardless but thankou so much for your support <3


I think creating songs for your supporters is exactly your next big thing. This is what I would highly recommend you do, as I think it would be both hilarious and lucrative. HOMEWORK

@Kpine has been one of the nicest person here on steemit. When I was new and have no one upvote my content, he is the one who kindly upvote me and sometimes I do not know he is a person or a bot. But I really want to say sincere thanks to him as well. Although he no longer upvote me anymore, but I am forever thankful to him as he has given me great motivation to keep me forward here on this platform. It's incredible hard to get reconginised when u started here on steemit, but people like him who are generous and kind enough to give minnows make this platform such a great place . Good luck and wish you the best!And such a cool song you got.

Seen and appreciated. Good luck on Steemit! :)


Kpine you don’t even know what this means to me . I’m out with my friends right now and I checked my post and saw this and your comment and I nearly had a heart attack. I am so grateful . All I want to do is bring positivity and creativity to this platform, build up my power and inspire . You have been an inspiration . Holy crap Thankyou for seeing me and and supporting me :) il never forget this!


I also experienced the same thing .. @ kpine is also very good for me ... @kpine, where are you located? I'm looking for you! I would also like to thank @kpine with my paintings. @stevenalexander, please pass my regards to @kpine he has energized me.


Kpine please check my post


Lots of Love for you @kpine. Your Surprise Visits to any Posts for Support are inpressive and appreciated.


Haha you all so lucky 🍀

Wow loved your post...loved reading's amazing....thank you for sharing have a good day.

the best video on steemit you have to wach:


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This is sooo awesome !!!
I hope kpine sees it 😀👍

Yaaaashhhh!!! I wish I was Kpine now! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Amazing song! So funny!

Nice song!
@kaylinart is a star!
Keep dreaming, that’s what Steemit and D-tube is about!


Thankyou so much :)

Manny thanks to @kaylinart.
Very nice “THANK YOU POST”
That’s what D-tube is about. You rock!


Wow thankyou!

I invite you to see my video... Please make my dreams come true....!/v/aaronchr/r6o028r5

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I listened to your song and I think you got a lot of talent, good luck on your journey.


You're an amazing commentator gails, I really appriciate your efforts you made.


Thankyou so much :)

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Cool song Steven!


Thankyou chooey:) I <3 you !

thanks for such a informative video

awwww YAY!! I love it!! Pretty good freestyle :D

I love it !
Very natural feel good music

@stevenalexander I feel more connected to you..being a guitarist, early in those days had to go through the same...
I wish you get more out of it..

Thankyou for sharing your new song with everybody here on @stevenalexander It is great that you are following your dreams, I am very happy using steemit and, it changes your life and it makes you a more positive person. :D

Good job bro, Happy Kpine got to see it

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this one is hilarious, and maybe the second best thing.....You know which video of yours I love! Bring on Chewbacca!