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Hey all, any of you heard of or started using Pretty sweet blockchain that @biophil showed to me for music lovers and musicians. If you're on it, comment on this post, give me a link to your stuff, and let me know what you think of Musicoin!

I just made a profile for Smith House, above is a link to our page. I am starting to upload all of Smith House's material onto it, so you'll see new songs arrive as I have time to upload them. If you simply listen to the songs, I get money! So don't be afraid to listen to some stuff multiple times if you like what you hear :)

Hope to see you guys on Musicoin!

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this is good post

This is NOT an open-mic entry, right?

I suspected such, however, this post is rather cool nonetheless, and I very much appreciate you sharing it here, @smith-house! I hope that all to whom this bears relevance, -will take its content to heart, and act upon it accordingly!

In the interim, I, myself, shall just continue to dig your music and entries to the Open-Mic venue... Much love, man... Smith-House - Rocks! .x


Hey @passion-ground, thanks so much for your compliments! Correct not an openmic entry, sorry.

Do I get money too for listening to the song?


No but you listen to the songs for free.

This is intriguing. Very exciting news! Will look into this further.
Spotify and bandcamp are more or less futile these days.

Hi guys
I'm following you on
This is my page,
All the Best!

How's it going? I heard a whisper about it last week but it slipped my mind as I was wrapped up in the chaotic world of #Steemit and #Dtube
I'm really gonna go for it this year with my music! I have stacks of material to share and promote and have already been played on BBC introducing last year! so, any platforms that pay us poor musicians for our time and craft is fine by me!
Thanks again for reminding me to check out #musicoin

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