Alternative Weekend – Porcupine Tree (The Spacey Period)

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I have been posting most weekends using @detlev’s #metalweekend tag, but my main love of music is progressive and alternative music. Some of my posts have included these songs, but I feel they are not keeping with the spirit of metal.

I will continue to post article’s using #metalweekend occasionally but feel I have more to offer regarding these other genre’s that I am more familiar with.



Introducing #alternativeweekend. Post an article that highlights THREE great songs that are either progressive or alternative and use the tag #alternativeweekend.

If you have a short story or something to offer regarding an opinion on your songs, then share it with us!


I know I keep going on about this band, but guess what? I haven’t covered them in #alternativeweekend yet, which means I simply have to and have a right too and will do so if you don’t want to read then… ahem.

I’m going to keep this shorter than previous #alternativeweekend’s as I simply don’t have as much time to write as I used to.

This band to me had several cycles, and if you read about them it’s more than the TWO that I will point out. Up to and including Lightbulb Sun, I think they were more spacey than rocky.


Sure there were some heavier songs, but they sounded more like Pink Floyd than the later material (which I will cover next week).

@steevc was telling me he was listening to one of their earlier efforts several nights ago. In the Sunday of Life is not what I call stunning material, and it seems like the band did not get going until the next album.


Porcupine Tree – Radioactive Toy

I had a listen to the 'In the Sunday of Life' album today on the way back from work and besides ‘Radioactive Toy’ I still cant hear anything good or promising. This live footage was taken much later than when the original was released.

You can hear the Pink Floyd overtones and the song has some teeth in the later stages.

Porcupine Tree – Waiting (Phase One)

The song that got me gripped. After listening to The Sky moves Sideways several times, I listened to this song one day on YouTube.

It was this exact version and had me hooked right way. This is very rare for me, and I for one wish it would happen more often. This is very Pink Floyd material again. If you are a fan, you will likely love this.

Porcupine Tree – Dark Matter

If you liked Waiting (Phase One), then this one is on quite a different level. Both songs are from the Signify album, but this eight minute tune is quite something. That guitar solo near the end still makes my arm hair stand on end after many listens.

I was really lucky to witness this played live at Steven’s, Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour in 2016. It wasn’t on the agenda or play list, it just came on. Woo!


In the spirit of @detlev’s original idea, you need to remember one thing.

Pump up the volume, PLAY IT LOUD!

Guitar Image courtesy of



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I think 'Sunday' was more of a solo work according to Wikipedia when PT was a sort of joke project. The live performance of Radioactive Toy is great. The drums are sounding great on my big speakers.

I don't have Signify, but I expect I could hear it all on-line anyway. The guitar on Waiting reminds me of Time Flies, which sounds a little like Dogs by Floyd.

I've got most of the later stuff, but I need to check out more of their many albums. I saw them live on the Fear of a Blank Planet tour. I went with a friend who got us on the guest list via his colleague who was in an early band with Mr Wilson (not sure which), but we didn't get to hang around for the after-party. There's one for my 'Book of Regrets' ;)


I saw them live on the Fear of a Blank Planet tour.

Some things can just cant do anymore, and seeing them live is one. The live Radioactive is a good one, maybe more so than the studio.

Time Flies... well don't get me started... I must have listened to it 100's of times. The Incident is not so highly regarded as the other 'metal' albums but I love it just as much.

Porcupine Tree it's one of my favourite bands, even though I only knew them after "In Absentia" was released. I became very interested in their earlier stuff and I just find it amazing that it's so different to records like "Stupid Dream", "Deadwing" and "Fear of a Blank Planet".

If I had to pick one track that has really stuck with me through the years, it would be "Synesthesia" I think it really sums up early PT with a little mix of the sound that they would have later. For a better appreciation of the spacey era of PT, I would recommend to anyone the live album "Coma Divine", a wonderful representation of the earlier style of the band. Good post!


Thanks for your response, fans of this band are few and far between. I know the track "Synesthesia", and its quite a catchy one.

"In Absentia" I regard as the start of the metal period, and this is what I live best about them. I'll be covering this in next weeks #alteranativeweekend.

I haven't listened to "Coma Divine" yet and haven't played 'Voyage 34: The Complete Trip' properly yet either. Everything else has been played to death!


Looking forward to the next few weeks of #alternativeweekend then. Cheers!

What a band. You're lucky to have seen them live.


I wish I had too, I didn't discover Porcupine Tree until 2015, but I have seen Steven Wilson live twice now. Not quite as good but almost.

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