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I have been seeing visions now for ages, since I last came back to myself after a psychotic episode a few years ago...

I reckoned they were a remnant of the episode, a symptom Im just stuck with now. I thought, I may as well enjoy them because I dont think theyre going away....

And I do enjoy them, theyre so mysterious it really is a spiritual experience when I vision quest.

I did some research and it seems that Ive awakened my Third Eye and unlocked the ability of Clairvoyance, which means ‘Clear vision’. Its a psychic ability, we all know how controversial they are but it seems that they actually do exist!


Its strange, you have to word it right for some people to accept it. If I told you I see hypnagogic visual hallucinations sometimes because of Schizophrenia, you could maybe see that as possible, but calling it Clairvoyance or Psychic is just seen as a bit mad. However, they are both describing the same thing...

I lay down in bed at night, and close my eyes as I begin to drift off to sleep. And thats when I see them, through clairvoyance I begin to get visions that are literally like movie scenes in my vision. They can be super intricate in detail. For example, I saw a big ass demon one night with horns looking like Satan. It was like someone had drawn it like a cartoon, down to the details of his horns and face like Manga animation, the hair on his body and his hands there was literally like watching an anime.


Now if Im doing this myself in my mind, I am an incredible artist like Picasso or Da Vinci with the amount of detail that goes into these things. I think we all are, I think when you dream scenes in a room or a world your in, you actually do see all the architecture there in drawn by your subconscious mind on some artistic savant shit, and when you trip on DMT or Magic Mushrooms, the things you see are incredible art.

I wonder what they mean, what the message is in them and I look forward to mastering my clairvoyant abilities to be able to see important things like the lottery numbers in advance lol.

I realise this is a highly controversial topic, and I also wonder why, if you mention psychic gifts, clairvoyance or god forbid, telepathy, you are ostracised from your peer groups with a snort of derision in some cases, ridiculed and thought of as ‘Crazy’ for even asking the question or entertaining the idea that there could be more to life than meets the eye.

I go into it all in more detail on my website below :


giphy (1).gif


I have always wished I was Psychic. I find this so interesting and exciting ever since I was watching Frasier. I don't know if you watched it but his household lady Daphne was psychic and she saw the craziest things that from time to time came true.

It's a pity that we have such difficulties to accept differences. We should find it exciting when we meet someone who is different but on other hand we judge and laugh at these people. I hope that you will come across tolerance and love in your life :)

Thank you for sharing and have a good start of week!

Thanks Delish Treats!! I think we all have the potential, if you tap your forehead between your eyes gently every few hours for a few days you can unlock great visualization powers in my experience, with the sacred secretion Jim Carey has talked about, but beware because it can get overwhelming after a while.

Thanks for your kind wishes and your great comment, I hope you too have tolerance and love in your life :) there are lots of fun websites where you can learn psychic powers too by using your imagination(which i think may be the key) to unlock them. lots of awesome youtube videos about it too

All the best on your journey DelishTreats!

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Hey @scribblingwilly great to hear that you accepted your gift. I also know a person where his parents send him to therapy to get rid of visions. After some time he accepted it and realized that it is a gift.
Seems very similar to you.
Do you still get scared from them? Do you do something about it?

Thanks McNestler!! Glad your friend learned to accept his gift too! I dont get scared anymore, but in the beginning I used to see bugs and spiders crawling up the walls it was very terrifying! Ive seen a few ghostly visions while falling asleep that made me sit bolt upright wide awake in a second that were very scary, but mostly I am intrigued and in awe of the mysterious nature of the visions now and enjoy them.

I used to just try stay awake till i passed out so I wouldnt see spiders in the beginning

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we are definitely incredibly powerful beings. Glad to read you have these amazing experiences. Have you considered sharing your awesome music on @Musicoin? here's a link:


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Thanks for the link recording box! I will check music coin out now soon and see what its like :D

great! it's a free music platform based on blockchain. Totally worth checking out.

hi @scribblingwilly
your music is very beautiful, do you think it is related to the visions you have?
I'm not sure everyone can have these mental abilities, we are not all prepared in the same way. how to be psychics: it is a gift that only some have, don't you think?
I, on the other hand, have a great contradiction which I cannot resolve: I am an atheist, I do not believe in God, but I tend to think that there are spirits around us. How can I not believe in God and believe in the souls of the dead?
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

hey thanks Road2Horizon! Thanks for your comment and the kind words, I have been making music for years now before my visions they are kind of new. but I enjoy them like I do the music so they are kind of related. I think, judging by things I read like Richard Cassaros book 'The Missing Link', everyone can unlock these abilities. everyone has a pineal gland, so everyone can unlock it to see their true eternal soul which i think everyone has, Im beginning to be convinced of this more and more recently.

Perhaps you should do some digging into gnosticism and ancient times, there were a lot of different gods then and maybe the christian view of jehova isnt exactly true god, and youve seen through that possibly.

I know personally it feels like the earth is conscious, when you see clouds come together into shapes its as if there is an intelligence behind it, like earth is painting pictures with wind as the brush strokes. it might be one in a number of layers of intelligence present in the universe, possibly even broadcast into our atoms through gravity, but thats just a spaced out theory Im working on :D