Tell Me - Original Jazz Composition

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Tell Me

Original Music by @samvan

Along with the poetry that came out of me last week, some song lyrics did also. It has been a decade since I've written any lyrics by my own inspiration like this, and I've had fun! This song started as a few pieces of guitar solo that I was trying to work out (which is also rare), then I just started singing along to the melody I was creating with the top notes of my chords, and lyrics started falling into a first verse as well as developing the melody even more. My good friend Will Padget helped me tie my chorus and ending up nicely, and recorded me playing it. We've also been working on more words, and plan to make a final version with a singer, bass, and drums. You'll be the first to hear it!
This is the demo that we made just to have a recording of the finished composition. The melody of the song is made up of all of the highest notes that you hear me play, and I can't wait to have a singer do it justice. The song form is AABCABC, or Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, Solo (over Verse), Chorus, Bridge, Tag. Let me know how this makes you feel!

Enjoy "Tell Me"

Enjoy "Tell Me"

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Nice Sam! Larry and I just listened to it! Very enjoyable! We will look forward to hearing the finished version with the added instruments and singer!


Great! Tell Larry I say Hi!

Samvan, my angel, pure magic. Imprecionante. Wonderful song and nice and quiet with so much passion. Your guitar and your beloved Angel are as one compressed. How sweet it feels to hear you today. You are great. I wish you all the success and a lot of impiracion to compose more and always be able to enjoy your adorable music. A big hug, my angel of music.

I think and made me feel that the lyrics are very romantic and I love that. Charming composition.


Thank you @yeninsfer! You always have such sweet things to say. This translation makes me wish I could understand Spanish, because what you wrote must be beautiful. And yes, the lyrics will be very romantic, and slightly conversational.


@samvan My translator can change the meaning when translating from Spanish to English. But I am making a great effort to learn the English language in order to be able to communicate better. I really like the way you play the guitar and I admire you for your great talent. I love your compositions. I love your great composition today. I'm very worried that you don't understand me by my language, my angel. I send you a big hug with much affection. Happiness to you.

I'd clap but I can't move...think I'm in heaven

good melody!
I am listening to your music at night.

Makes me feel like... In the 30's or 40's. Beaultiful melody by the way, what the lyric is about? Can you tell us your setup for playing and recording?


The lyrics are going to be spoken from male perspective. The speaker hears a woman laughing across a crowded room, and is instantly infatuated. He begins asking her questions in his mind like, "Tell me your greatest fears and all your joys, tell me about your toys. I already see you lying asleep, dreaming my dreams with me." That's a bit of the first verse that I have so far.

I used an Epiphone Dot on neck pickup, tone knob rolled down just under half. 11 gauge strings. Recorded direct into ProTools using one of its Silverface Fender amp simulators. Thank you for your interest!

I like jazz


I do too. It's been fun to try and get some of my jazz chops back up!


I do too. It's been
Fun to try and get some of
My jazz chops back up!

                 - samvan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

that's a wonderful chord progression ;9)

Well done!

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