No.17: Wilderness Album Cover

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So here it is. The finished album cover for my debut album Wilderness. The cover is by Australian artist Melanie Caple and is the first of three albums.

The record focuses on the first part of a journey for identity; the choice to leave everything known and start anew. The conceptual wilderness is the battle with ourselves and the grand delusion of the world we have created. The first record in the series explores the juxtaposition between this world we have created and the world we inhabit.

The album is out January 11th 2019 and features 10 songs. Additionally, the first short story, Wilderness is within the album notes. For now, I will leave you with the finished cover.

You can stream a couple of album tracks by following the links below.




Wilderness Album cover.png

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Beautiful cover. Listened to Pine on your site just now, good stuff.

Thank-you very much!! Much appreciated! The album will be out January 11th on Bandcamp. Please help yourself to the record and enjoy the journey!

Will put it on my to-do list and definitely will.

Please do- I look forward to hearing what you think!

Hello @samuelescher, that's a beautiful cover! thanks to @guiltyparties that I found you. I would love to invite you to check Steemit music alliance on Discord. There you can meet, find and even collaborate with other musicians on blockchain, not limited to steemit.

Find us on :

Glad to have you here!

Very glad to be here! Really enjoying Steemit. Its a natural place to share music and poetry. I will follow you on there and get on Discord. Many thanks for the kind words!

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Your Pine song is beautiful and really touched my heart!! Thank you for that. The art for your cover is really cool looking too!! Keep up the great work!! Can you please add in the link to your website to your post so others know where to hear your music?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'm particularly proud of the full studio version - you'll be able to stream it from January 11th! I'll be sure to post a full streaming/download link on that date. For now I've put a link to my Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Thanks so much for the support and I look forward to sharing a lot more music with you.

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous cover. Definitely what to listen to your music now. Is there a link for me to do that?

Thank-you! There is indeed! Here is a link to my Soundcloud for the time being.

The full album will be out on January 11th on Bandcamp/ Spotify - here's a link to Bandcamp. There's a pre-release song called Throne on there.

Much appreciated. Enjoy the music!


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Hello Samuel,

I am also here by a suggestion from @guiltyparties, I would love to have you on my LIVE radio show! My cohost is Steemit witness, @enginewitty and we feature live entertainment on Wednesdays at 11 PM UTC/2300Z. I too, loved your song Pine. If you have the time please come onthe show to not only meet more people on Steemit, but also to get RAW on Red Radio. We come together in a chill environment with audience questions on audio only (for now.) We look forward to hearing from you. If you are on Discord then click this link to join RED —->

Eagle Spirit


Many thanks for getting in contact. I would love to be on the show. Always up for a music chat and would love to discuss the record! I'm glad you liked the song, I hope the studio version does it justice! I will be sharing the whole album on January 11th and would love to do a live session on your show in the new year if that is of interest?

I love being part of a music community so I will for sure get myself over the Discord and join RED. Look forward to seeing you there!


Great! Then please click the discord link above and join RED so we can chat some more.

First of three is an awesome deal. Time and effort pays off.

Cover art is awesome!

I believe it does. This record really was an important experience to me. Took 4 years to write and it explores a lot of personal stuff. The next is happening as we speak. :) I hope you enjoy the album - please help yourself on January 11th - share it with friends and don't hesitate to tell me what you think!

As for the cover art - Melanie is a total art champion.

Thank you for taking the time to share your music and poetry with the community here on Steem. We see you didn't get much engagement since your introductory post, but we appreciate you nonetheless and hope you'll stay with us.

Thank-you very much! I'm really enjoying the platform and will be sharing the whole journey through 2019 on here. I appreciate your comment and even the smallest engagement means a lot - so thanks for your support. As an independent artist it's cool to know people are listening! I'm in for the duration! :)

@guiltyparties is a very good guy and told me about you. You will get a small boost (hope also of confidence) in the next 2 hours ;)

Thank-you! That certainly helped! :) Really much appreciated!

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