m.o.a.i.n. - Make goals achieve goals repeat until dead

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Sounds simple right? It really is. Procrastination, laziness, self-doubt, insecurity, lack of focus and consistency. All these things on their own or mixed together will always result in failure to achieve even the basic goals. Maybe you never want to achieve anything in life. That is fine if that is your consciously chosen stance. Keeping it simple is a respectable way to live. But most people do want things in life. Do want to do things in their life. Do want to obtain more for themselves, their families, and improve their general societal surroundings. It’s in our nature to want that. So, become aware of what it is exactly you want. Make a goal. Write it down. Don’t ever stop until you’ve achieved that goal. When you’ve achieved that goal make a new one and so on. Life is short so don’t say you want to do things and keep putting it off. Don’t write an endless list and never complete any of them. Make goals. Achieve goals. Repeat. Until you are dead. If you consistently do this you will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how consistency becomes experience, and with experience comes improvement in so ways. With it a self-gratification that is what some may call spiritual.




Strong message! But difficult to implement for many of us (people) I think. I try to live without goals to be honest; Maybe I shall up my game a little and at least set some goal. Wondering if that'll do good to my happiness levels; Maybe! It's worth a try :)

Accomplishment can get quite addictive. Seeing yourself improve at things.

Ok, I shall consider to set at least one goal in private life. Ok, two. The first goal is that by end of this quarter I set a goal to accomplish something. Have no idea what this will be at this point in time, but have about 6 weeks to come up with one :)

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