Sami D. Barid - Humility

in music •  last year

Let me know what you are feeling while listening to this piece of music I composed. Have a wonderful day. Peace.

Hi, I am a film composer and music producer. If you are interested in my work visit me on my homepage or contact me directly:

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Hi again Sami...

I just visited your website from the DTube link. I know this probably isn't the right place to comment on another piece BUT...

Addiction, quite literally took my breath away, some may see that comment as OTT and a bit fluffy.

Music speaks a language I understand, and I can relate to it in a very empathic way, and I know the composition has a slightly sinister undertone created by the piano immaculately, right from the intro...but the strings...OH man! It gave me chills towards the end, I LOVED the false finish.

The heart stopping moment when you think it ends is replaced by the most delicate, melancholic, haunting piano.

I will say it again...


Image courtesy of the AWESOMETASTICAL Pixabay.


It is beautiful...

In answer to your question, I am feeling serenity, it reminds me of healing water (strange thing to say, but I am telling you how it makes me feel) Yeah, rejuvenated from a health giving spring, stream or even a lake, when the music gets bigger, hits the crescendo.

I just listened a second time, to see if I had anymore thoughts...I could imagine being the only human in a lunar landscape, perhaps even a desert the music makes me think of wide open, expansive space.

You are extremely talented! I totally got the movie soundtrack feel from this amazing composition.

I hope your work is in the "BIG league", if it isn't, it will be soon.

Thankyou for sharing this, I may use it for meditation.

Keep creating and composing, the world is all the richer for your work! May your journey be a majestic one, spectacular enough to be accompanied by your own soundtrack :)

Image courtesy of the AWESOMETASTICAL Pixabay.


Wow Steven... your words were beautiful my friend. you really made me happy thank you so much. you got a briilliant way to explain what you feeling bro. I can imagine you are very talented. these are 2 beautiful pictures you showed in the comments !

Sounds pretty good. Please more!


That means a lot to me!

You always have great content


thank you really much

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And really you made it yourself good job


thank you shady!

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It's so beautiful, i love it!
I'm going to follow you =)
Btw, I'm a musician too, would be nice if you pay a visit to my channel too =)

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nice post

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