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I have this really nice didgeridoo that I made by hand out of agave. Thats a whole multiple post in it self which I hope to share here one day. 

So today I made the mouthpiece for it so that I can play! If you have never heard of a didgeridoo is an ancient instrument originating in Australia. It is one of the oldest if not the oldest instrument known to man. 

I have made many videos and even produced whole albums. I have shared quite a few didgeridoo videos here on Steemit like the holistic harmonics sessions below. 

Holistic Harmonics Video Session 3: ∞§∞DidgeridooSunRiseFrequencies∞§∞

Here is the video of me making the mouthpiece for this new epic didgeridoo. I will be making another Holistic Harmonics Post Tonight playing the didgeridoo I just finished in this video!

This is a cool skill most people have never used!

I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something few people know!

If you liked the custom made Garden of Eden camo hat or the hand made Jewelry like the necklace or survival para-cord bracelet I was wearing in this session I make them available to Steemians for $teem and they are also on line for fiat if you prefer. 

Its on PeerHub Here 

And on The Garden of Eden Here

As always I appreciate your support and welcome your feedback!


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Thank you so much for sharing vibrational medicine!!
Super cool to see this process.


Fantastic guide. I made a didgeridoo with an aboriginal man when I was staying in Australia. Funny story - as I was removing the bark, there were little bugs in the wood that he made me eat because it was "tradition." Not sure if that was true or not, but an experience nonetheless...and they tasted like peanut butter!


Bugs are VERY healthy for you regardless of tradition so GREAT!!!


It is the best material for sure but I do find that after playing for half an hour or so in a warm environment it does start to melt and feel a bit weird around your lips. Little bits also used to get stuck in my stubbly beard. Good work as ever.

I'm actually amazed by how camouflaged your trousers are as well. They are pretty cool.



YOU play the didgeridoo???


I love you even more than ever now hahahaha

Beeswax is my fav by far and as you know I have some facial hair ;-)>

It is dangerous in high eat environments as it will melt off....I have had them in cars multiple times where it melts all over the place....What do you use instead of not beeswax?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes I accidentally learned how to play years ago when I went camping with some friends and we were stuck inside the tents for most of the time because it constantly rained so I taught myself how to play. I used water to learn how to circular breathe by filling my mouth and checks up with the water and slowly squeezing it out of my lips whilst breathing in through my nose. It's a great way to understand the concept of circular breathing. I've never actually owned a didgeridoo so I haven't played it in a while.

Oh beezwax for sure but Sticky-Tack/Tac 'n' Stik/Blue Tack (what ever you want to call it) is pretty good. It does get warm a little quicker than wax but it doesnt leave a slimy residue from the condensation of your breath.

I liked your 3 beat breaths and then a long exhale. It really gives it a rhythm.

Happy didging

How awesome to share the experience of didgeridoo together. I feel more connected to you than ever before!

Yea I love the beeswax, it is possible to use like a wood putty or hard dry putty that is soft until the chemical reaction and then dries real hard, but then you can't change the shape and you have to get it perfect, plus its not natural. But I have played some PVC digs that just have the pvc end melted and shaped nicely and then dry hard. They play well. Though again I really love the natural material mouthpieces and also didgeridoos them selfs.

Happy Living Bredren~*~

I love the mistical sound you realy step in another world if you close youre eyes and listen to those strange sounds

I totally feel the same!
Love the comment!


Also you said you used fire to hollow out that amazing piece of wood. Would love to see your technique sometime. Is it quite a soft piece of wood because it looks pretty light when you are handling it.

Hey buddy!

So grateful to see you here! I really respect you and am so glad to have your interest!

I would love to make some videos on how to do this, it is quite difficult but also very primitive/simple.

I find this instrument to be very magical and it totally changed my life. For me its more of a spiritual tool than an instrument. I really like this one didg though, its a NICE one!

Another great piece of work: well taken photos and neatly written blog. Your pics are very immersive. Thanks for all the details.
hopefully you are successful forever become an inspiration to your followers.

May it be so~*~

I have played many a didge and each one has their own unique features depending on the wood used. It is traditional when making your own, to paint it with your own story. Never purchase one with 'traditional' artwork.

Also, a fact about the didgeridoo is that it is traditionally a 'male only' instrument. Many women do play the didge too, however, it is not allowed during traditional ceremonies by aboriginal elders.

Thanks for the post and I hope you love playing the didge as much as I do.

Yes it is sacred for me. I have been playing for over a decade and feel more at peace every time I play.

It is true every natural didgeridoo is different and has its qualities. Its a new experience every time.

I paint some and others I put stones and crystals on. I don't follow rules just my inspiration~*~

Very good post, i love didjeeridoo sound!!

Me too!
Though most people don't even know what it is =)>

Amazing post @quinneaker.

Not sure if its that amazing but thanks ;-)>

Ya my friend it's truly Amazing.


it sounds very unique, like the sound of bass.
extraordinary creations.

Glad you like it =)>
yes it is a VERy unique sound. Great for meditation.

:) i like it

Thanks for posting @quinneaker I'd love to make one of these instruments.
Following and looking forward to more.

I would love to show you how!
Stay tuned!

I certainly will.


@guinneaker You are creative thanks for sharing the video may be I will give it try my self.

I hope so!

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Good luck.

I really like your post


can we be my friend

Sure, Hello Friend

Hello also my best friend


I love music... And I like your instrument

Thank you very much!

U are welcome
Don't forget upvote