Talk Talk - Laughing Stock - their BEST ALBUM (music and more inside)

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Talk Talk. One of the best bands in the world IMHO! Active in the 80s and early 90s. Previously I shared with you some of their more well know albums "It's My Life" (here) and "Colour of Spring" (here). Both can be classified as synth pop/rock style.

After their "Colour of Spring" album, Talk Talk went a much more experimental route with their last two albums. I personally love their latest albums the best! Such beautiful mix of sounds and vocals!

"Laughing Stock" - their last album ever - is the one I share with you today. By the hardcore Talk Talk fans considered as their best album! Something I kinda agree with. Abstract, Experimental, Ambient and Rock combined into something great to listen to. And it never ever bores me.

  • Artist: Talk Talk
  • Album: Laughing Stock
  • Year: 1991

Let me know what you think of this album!


Talk Talk - Laughing Stock (1991)
play complete album here


Ascension Day
After The Flood
New Grass

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You always got those incredible choices of wonderful music

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