Talk Talk - The COLOUR of SPRING - such a BEAUTIFUL ALBUM (music and more inside)

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Not more than two weeks ago, I posted the most well know album of Talk Talk "It's My Life" (here). They band having their peak times in early to mid 80s releasing 4 synth pop / rock albums.

Then they switched tracks; With their album "The Colour of Spring" they choose a more experimental approach to pop and rock, and this album became instantly my favourite album of the band, when discovering it. The critics started to open their mouths, being not so pleased with their move, but till today I still don't understand them. Was it simply because Talk Talk chosen a less mass market sound? Also, many of the tracks are still quite modest in it experimental approach. It cannot be the quality of the music, since that increased only!

  • Artist: Talk Talk
  • Set: The Colour of Spring
  • Style: Pop / Rock / Experimental
  • Year: 1986

Just Enjoy!

Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring (1986)


Happiness is Easy
I Don’t Believe in You
Life’s What You Make It
April 5th
Living in Another World
Give It Up
Chameleon Day
Time It’s Time

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