Talk Talk - SIMPLY ONE of the BEST BANDS EVER from the 80s (music and more inside)

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One of my most favourite bands of the 80s and early 90s, Talk Talk! They where popular, but never so popular as many other bands going through the hit parades those times. But...BOY! What an impact they made on me when I discovered their music! Five synthpop albums they released between 1982 and 1986. Several of their tracks made the hit parades during those years, and some of them are on the album I share with you today "It's My Life".

Obviously I own all albums, plus three more. Two officially released albums, both totally different to their previous albums, experimental, abstract, ambient genre; One bootleg album of one of their tours in the 80s. Unfortunately they stopped releasing and touring in early 90s, but I'm very pleased they existed and created such a legacy, for me at least.

I never stopped listening to their music, its is everywhere: CDs with my home sound system, CDs in my car, digitalised versions on my laptop, smartphone and in the cloud, and in my Spotify account. Maximum accessibility! Whenever I desperately want to hear their tunes, I can!

  • Artist: Talk Talk
  • Album: It's My Life
  • Style: Synthpop
  • Year: 1984

I'm really interested what you think of this album, and if you know Talk Talk at all? Drop me a comments, if you like. Now, please enjoy their music! :)

Talk Talk - It's My Life (1984)


Dum Dum Girl
Such A Shame
It's My Life
Tomorrow Started
The Last Time
Call In The Night Boy
Does Caroline Know?
It's You

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I enjoyed many of their songs back it the 80's. Part of the soundtrack to my teens.

Wow many bands as there have been, and discovering a new band thanks to you is phenomenal, I really like it, right now I'm listening "its my life" , thanks for sharing friend @qsounds

It's My Life was maybe there most know and successful one in the 80s. Glad you like it!