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A Berlin based duo formed by Nadia Lind and Helmut Ebritsch!

Ever heard of them?

I first heard them play at one of the Amsterdam Dance Events when they were programmed at AD showcase event in the Wester Unie in Amsterdam. This must have been more than 5 or so years ago, maybe even longer. I immediately loved them! They bring music with a vibe, music with a soul, music with energy.

Today I share a recording of a performance hosted by my most favourite promoter on Ibiza "Circo Loco" in my most favourite club "DC10" on the same island. Circo Loco is more or less synonym with quality (not always with all artists, but across the board they bring quality music), and that is what I like.

Artist: Klartraum
Set: Circo Loco
Year: 2015
Country: Germany

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Nice to see Nadja & Helmut mentioned on here. I do a lot of the press releases for Lucidflow and I have to say they are some of the loveliest people I know. Hardworking too. Lucidflow is a machine but Nadja’s output AND Djing commitments is marathon level.

We’re separated by distance but I got to finally hook up with Nadja a couple of years ago in London. The warmth of her set just cut through a groove heavy but emotion void set of acts beforehand. Great memories.

How nice to meet someone who works with Nadja and Helmut! Their works are indeed super!

I wish I was as talented! I just know how to hit a keyboard and make words happen...

Hahahaha, you are even better than I, I can operate a keyboard, but not always the best text comes out :) Welcome to Steemit BTW. Great to see some professional writers with music as a focus here. If you like to get some help finding your ways here, you can reach me in p2p chat on steemit.chat (user: edje) or Discord (user: edje).

Thanks! I’ve grabbed a follow of your accounts and will slowly be attempting to make my mark. I do randomly have Discord installed on my phone, I don’t use it but it’s there. I’ll reach out when not flustered and commuting!

Eck, Discord was going on about some 4 character ID to pair with your name. I'm sure I'll figure it out... I have to go do fun evening things now though!

My Discord username in full: edje#3711
Enjoy the fun night!

Je hebt er weer een goede uitgepikt....

Dank je :)

Very good music, with nice grooves :-)

Wow i see that you have some very interesting Artist at you blog. This sound here is very very nice. Such music my friend and I always listen when we have an 2 Man weekend party. This is nice groove. Thanks for sharing. I have to resteem it

Super you like this one; Thanks for your support.

I like that this amazing. I was listen to. And now in background the music runs when i am here on steemit. But i will get off for some hours because i have an big fat cold and my nack hurts. But hope you will impressing me with new nice posts. Love them. :-)

Hope you get well soon! Will post more music for sure :)

Never heard of them before, but I like what I hear....it sounds cool!

Cool! Enjoy listening. Nadja also performs solo. Actually most of this recording is her playing solo, but in the style of Klartraum. Helmut adds live elements to the show, but didn't had most of his gear at this event because of logistical errors by the airliner.

Niiiiice! Thanks for sharing

You're welcome

I dig it! Thanks for sharing.