Sankofa Open Mic (An African Folk song)

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Hello steemians, this is my entry for Sankofa open mic contest. This is an African folk song in the Efik/Ibibio language of Southern Nigeria. This song was performed by me and also mixed by me right in my home studio. Below is an embedded private SoundCloud link for ease of listening. You can also listen to other sounds from me by clicking on the link on my profile. Thank you, hope you enjoy it.


Excellent! At your discretion you may decide to provide a more detail in future entries. Is it a ritual song, part of a folk tale, sung on market days? Such info can give more information that could in turn endear strangers to your culture. Amazing entry you got there. Excellent production value :)

Thank you for the comment and thank you for organizing such a contest. It takes us back to our roots.

Reminds me of the childhood days where we sat under the tree with some patches of the moonlight on the ground, stories told and we couldn't even sing the right lyrics. Today we get back there as a respect for our heritage and we find more fun in it than we ever could then.

You are right. I wish I could go back to those days. Thank you for stopping by.

Love this! would love you to join the one project which will be a world wide chain tape. Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for stopping by. Sounds interesting, I am interested.

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click the image it will bring you to s post thst will explain it all and also has the discord address :)

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate the support.

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