In search of Steem Musicians for Steemix radio on MSP Waves... another recruitment post!

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It's that time again! After my last Steemix recruitment post we managed to onboard some amazing musicians but with all the talent we have on this platform I know there are more of you out there so I'm putting out the call again!

What is SteeMix?

SteeMix is a 24/7 streaming radio station with a mega playlist of songs curated exclusively from the Steemit community.

All Steemians, All The Time.

Ranging from Hip Hop to Metal, from Downtempo Grooves to Acoustic Song Writers, and everything in between.

New Musicians

I have recently taken over the management of finding new artists and adding their music to the playlist so if you aren't on there yet and you would like to get more exposure for your music please get in touch. The best way is through discord, my username is the same : juliakponsford. If you are unable to use discord feel free to leave a comment on this post and we can work out another way :)


There are a few requirements to have your music on Steemix, the main ones are:

  • The music must be original and made by you (no covers or remixes of other artists)
  • You must own the rights 100%

How to listen?

There are multiple ways to listen!



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one day, someday, maybe monday.....

Steemix needs some Basil!

Great, can I help you find singers? Always active and collaborating you are great. Good vibes.

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Yes please, spread the word! Thank you :)

I have a bunch of new material you can put on Steemix if you like, I did have a bunch of tracks on there, not sure if they still are or not... if they are I’d be happy to swap them out.

Yes! You do have tracks but if you have new ones I'd love to have them. Can you get in touch with me on discord?

I’m not on discord any more but I can drop a link here to my online storage where you can download them. I’m away on holiday at the moment but when I get back I’ll get on to it.

Okay that would be great, enjoy your vacation :)

Hey there!
Here is a link where you should be able to download my most recent album and a new EP that isn’t official released yet.!b3BxTQRb!raVpBRnuDV_T3xAd5r90VQ

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Radio killed the video star? Or other way around? :D

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