In search of Steem Musicians for Steemix radio on Msp-Waves!

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What is SteeMix?

SteeMix is a 24/7 streaming radio station with a mega playlist of songs curated exclusively from the Steemit community.

All Steemians, All The Time.

Ranging from Hip Hop to Metal, from Downtempo Grooves to Acoustic Song Writers, and everything in between.

New Musicians

I have recently taken over the management of finding new artists and adding their music to the playlist so if you aren't on there yet and you would like to get more exposure for your music please get in touch. The best way is through discord, my username is the same : juliakponsford. If you are unable to use discord feel free to leave a comment on this post and we can work out another way :)


There are a few requirements to have your music on Steemix, the main ones are:

  • The music must be original and made by you (no covers or remixes of other artists)
  • You must own the rights 100%

How to listen?

There are multiple ways to listen!


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I make music. Have about 3-4 albums worth.

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Hey Ruben!
If you want to send me a selection of your top tracks I would love to add them, get in touch on discord!

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Steemix sounds awesome! Good luck with this brilliant initiative. I hope its HUGE!!

Thank you, it's not new it has been around for a while now, we just need to poke the new artists a bit :)

Oh I beg your pardon,my bad! There is so much good music on steemit

What about classical music that is in the public domain?

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I just listened to some of your organ playing, it's very nice, that would be great, are you on discord?

Thanks! There’s also some piano too. I’m on Discord as contrabourdon#9139

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Great I just contacted you on discord :)

I don't know if I have anything on the Steemix but feel free to add any of my tracks on there from my Choon profile (if they fit the bill) - they're all original on there :)

Thanks nick, there isn't a way to download from choon afaik? If you are interested you can send me the files via discord with any cover art you would like also. I just checked and you have one track on there called stargazer :)

Ah right, you need the mp3 or wav file. Which format is best? I'll send you a DM on Discord. Oh yea Stargazing hehe, which version? The Dark Matter remix?

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Yes dark matter remix, either format is fine :)

Alright I'll have a rummage around and see what I can find and send a couple of tracks to you via Discord. Thank you!

@juliakponsford, Great to know about this 24/7 Radio. Hope that this space will going to receive effective participation and adoption. Good wishes from my side.

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Great!! Well, you had a lot of my songs in our discord chat, glad to you're there spreading music, your activism helps mine's <3 kisses.

me and Davood have a new one out if you'd like to give that a listen :D

Yes! send it to me on discord!

Wow! It's the first time i hear about steemix, sounds great and i would like to be part of the list, i have a project with some chillout music using my guitar and my loop station, instrumental guitar music and also experimental electronic music, i leave here a link with the music i've made if you want to listen some tracks:
P.D. I don't have a Discord account D:

Unfortunately choon is down but I was able to find your youtube channel and I'm digging it! If you want to send me a selection of your top tracks and cover art at [email protected] (maybe share a google drive folder?) I will add them :)

Hi, @juliakponsford!

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Respect for the initiative, congrats on the new post! Def would love to take part ad pitch my music will get in touch on Discord. Kudos!

Sounds good, hit me up!

you haz minez already :)

sounds pretty nice! definetely going to check it out!

Hey Julia nice to see this and an update to freshing it up. Ill love to add more to that train if I can. Will see about hitting you up for sure my friend. Stay real stay true be you... Be well

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Sounds great, see you on discord :)