Recent output of electronic music compositions vol 9

in music •  2 months ago

With the help of swedish record label Amuse i have been getting my recordings successfully submitted and then distributed to all the major stores such as apple, itunes, spotify, google, amazon, rhapsody, etc. but here im shining the light upon the daily works that i post upon my youtube channel zero.

Posting the most recent moving back.

Try to understand

Certain dangers stem

Woke up dead again

Failed telekenitic

Its been a week or resorting and reframing. Change is the major constant but it all is swirling about. Cryptocurrency projects have bellied up thats the risk we all knew. The volatility is inherent. I believe the price of bitcoin is being held down by certain calculated pools of people getting very very rich by not allowing the bitcoin to return to its trajectory. Its dishesrtening but i will HODL till its nothing. I mean thats what it is in the first place, a concensual hallucination the bits of on an off, zeros and ones IS material though. Scammers, thieves, and liar fink phoneys cash in off of all of us. The karma of blockchain WILL come back to haunt them. When singularity occurs they will be unable to look into the new gods camera eye. Forgiveness will not be high on the agenda.


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