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This is a small post for the #alternativeweekend channel started by @slobberchops a few weeks ago. This is about sharing one or more songs in the alternative or progressive specter. Which you'll agree is very large!
It's a bit late in the weekend, but considering that I'm in the EST time zone, I'm not too late :-)

Also, please check his latest great album review of Steven Wilson's To The Bone. And please note he has pledged to offer a 100% vote (worth around $0.28 now) to anyone posting a full album review of any not-mainstream alternative band:

As long as this incentive doesn’t go completely crazy and overtake ‘blog’ as a leading tag, I will give any DECENT album review with that uses the tag name of #alternativereview a 100% up-vote as an incentive for your writing of it.

That's a super generous offer and I hope it will result in good quality posts about artists, songs that are generally not playing on the radio.

No way I have time to post a full album review though, so here goes my little selection for this week.

Qui de nous deux - Mathieu Chedid (🇫🇷)

For the first entry, I hope to make you discover a great French artist if you don't know him yet, actually one of the very few I listen to in my mother language. He comes from a family of musicians where everyone plays at least one instrument: Mathieu Chedid, better known as his single-letter nom de scène, M.


Picture from wikipedia

And here is one of the songs that I particularly like, titled Qui de nous deux (crudely translated to who between us two):

I call it the French version of Plug In Baby by Muse. Certainly not in terms of style, as the piece by Muse is much more heavy on electric guitars, but in the meaning of the song.
It's also about the relationship of the singer with his guitar (who really inspires the other, hence the title), and more specifically his pink guitar created for the birth of his daughter.
The song is very catchy, and its style is pop-oriented and radio-friendly, and I'm sorry in advance for making you whistle it for hours after you've listened to it!

- 🎵 -

Tales of Endurance, Pts. 4,5 & 6 - Supergrass

I've discovered it this week by accident, so it's very fresh, for me! We were listening to a Spotify playlist centered around Manic Street Preachers in our office, when this piece of music started playing:

I made sure to note the name of the track so that I could replay it later. It's a great piece of music by a band I only know by name. I'm pretty sure I've already heard other songs of the band, but as I writes this it eludes me.
Since listening to this song, I had the Road to Rouen album playing in loops. They certainly have their own style, but this piece bears some resemblance to Pink Floyd's Animals albums, especially Dogs (but not for the length!)
It's very catchy, and I particularly like the little jazzy stops here and there.
The album is now on my smartphone, and I feel like I will be coming back to it from time to time.

I've read on wikipedia that they split some time ago now, in 2010. Nevertheless they've done 6 albums before splitting, so I have plenty to explore yet :-)

Hope you'll like them, especially the one by M. I hope to bring other French alternative pieces of music on the table if you like it.


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Thanks very much guys!

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