Music: "NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert" by DakhaBrakha

in music •  5 months ago

Foot tappin' ethnic-chaos music from a Ukrainian folk quartet.

I was today years old when I heard the music genre name "ethnic-chaos."
-- @eturnerx deadmeme purveyor.

Ethnic-chaos is fusion taken to an extreme by incorporating motifs from many ethnic groups. The band's name derives from Ukrainian words meaning give and take. That's fusion af. While the world music influences are apparent, the music remains firmly rooted in Ukrainian folk music and so remains pleasantly coherent. This isn't your ear challenge avant-garde modern jazz, but something far more accessible. I challenge you to get through the performance without foot tappin' and hollering along.

The group hails from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and they are graduates of the Kiev Center of Contemporary arts. DakhaBrakha is gaining recognition in the anglo-sphere with award-winning performances at various international festivals and music included in TV series like Fargo.

The performers are:

  • Marko Halanevych (various instruments)
  • Olena Tsybulska (percussion)
  • Iryna Kovalenko (various instruments)
  • Nina Harenetska (cello)

This performance is an excellent soundtrack to your work session. If like me, you don't understand Ukrainian then the vocals will be non-distracting voice instruments. I like this performance to power an energised flow state - a time when I want good productivity but don't want to be sombre: power out some repetitive work. It's a surprisingly apt soundtrack to some open road driving, but I wouldn't pick this for grid-lock unless you like entertaining the other motorists with your driver's seat dancing.

If you like DakhaBrakha's music then you'll find more on their website:


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Just as they say, that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, for me, music is the mirror of the spirit of all humanity. This fusion of sounds coming from voices and musical instruments, over the years, has become a communication tool that unites people in the context of deep feelings and sensations.

Ethnic music is a faithful reflection of the knowledge of the people, from the smallest to the greatest, from the closest to the farthest on planet earth, and when it is fused, for example, with jazz and other music, the results are visible with that music video, so sonorous.

For me, it would be interesting to see a dance show, with dancing performers, to the beat of that piece of music or a part of it, if possible and the folk itself allows it. And even in my case, not knowing the steps and figures appropriate for the occasion, the rhythmic one invites to move the feet, the body, with vital spirit.

Giving and receiving....that's music, giving and receiving.

Excellent. Excellent. Greetings....

I've been hearing this kind of music and just today that I learned what is it called. The rhythm and melody is closed to Philippines' native music played during celebration. Its just that the instruments are more of percussions.

I liked the attitude of the cielo player, since I don't understand the lyrics, I much enjoyed the melody and style of the cielo player.

more unique music pls

@eturnerx great to see your post again! I never thought The Ukraine’s got good music until this very one... I will definitely check the link to see more of this music.. stay awesome !

Always sharing very fresh music and good to hear. This rhythm has a magical explosion of relaxation and fire, it's great. I really like the derivative of the name of that band, give and receive, synonymous with solidarity, as I've been doing with my friend ropavejero, if you want you can go through the profile of him or mine by checking what I say. You know, this music falls in good time, about the time to sleep hahaha, to sleep more quiet hahaha. Greetings and strong psychological hug.

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