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With the BEAR's being very dominant in crypto, and in Steem more particularly, many Steemians went quiet. Fortunately, others continue to share with us their stories, their experiences, and their adventures in the landscape of music.


Event in Crazy New Hotel

by @owain82220

You met @owain82220 already? When not, check out his blog! This musician from Australia is gigging around quite frequently and shares with us his experiences. This post I particular like: Other than about music we also learn a bit more about China, and more precisely, about a crazy hotel with a man made waterfall! Check it out and give a little love if you have some spare to give.

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Naked on Stage

by @thetrueyou

A personal story from the author talking about his life as a musician, his joy when playing for the elderly, his clashes with the 'corporate' world paying his performances.

As a solo musician I find myself in very vulnerable moments in life. I play guitar and sing at over 45 senior homes a month. I play in front of almost 500 people a month for 45 hours. This takes a great toll on the body and the mind.

I can only advise to read the article.

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A Prize-Winning Music Video 🎵🎞

by @thejebi

This guy comes from a large family: 5 siblings! And they all decided to enter some video contest, and created a (music) video. We can read all about the why, what and how, while we can also enjoy an entertaining video giving us a visualisation of the song text by Andrew Peterson's "Rest Easy". For a bunch that didn't know about video editing, damn cool outcome!

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A Shirt on Sunday: Clogiron – 2/11/2018 - The Priory, Little Wymondley

by @hockney

The sudden transformation of an acoustic folk band into folk rock one and how @hockney got entangled with them about two years ago and touring with the ever since...

When he was drafted onto the stage they needed a sound man and I gamely/foolishly took on the challenge. The prospect of being paid in wine was in no way pivotal in my decision.

Are you sure about the wine? :)

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