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For this twelfth edition, I will not say more then that we were able to select another set of five great and sometimes wonderful articles, shared with us last days. I'm so pleased to see that even with the slowdown on published articles, we still have Steemians around bringing high value to our blogging community.


A proud mother of her child. ☺❤ 🎶

by @carolinacardoza

A great article of a proud mother. She talks about her 13 year old son playing cello, his recent greenfield performance with his orchestra and the path to this milestone event. Very touching!

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My scientific approach to the most feared question of them all - "What's your favorite song?" (Steemitbloggers contest)

by @matkodurko

In-depth description of author's approach to answer the SteemitBloggers contest question: "What's your favorite song?".

When you get stuck on this question, and you really like your answer to be thoughtful, this article is a must read! And even if you are just curious how other people may define their most favourite song, be sure not to miss this one. And all others: Read it, it is still fun :)

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Another day gone by but we still have some beautiful music

by @kittysilhouette

The first article posted under 'Actifit', we feature in this series. The author gives us an idea of what she was after just two days ago at 'Black Friday', her Pokémon Adventures that day and more. Music is not missing: the live registration of Xenogears 20th anniversary.

I wish I could go to more Symphonics and Orchestras, would be nice to find someone to tag along with me. Live music performances are soo much better than listening to them with speakers and headphones, they just don’t compare

KittySilhouette is correct; Hearing music at a live show is sooooo much better than through some home speaker system! :)

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YES Steemitbloggers Music Contest

by @joanstewart

Another high quality entry to SteemBloggers contest about music. JoanStewart writes about her way of selecting her most favourite song. Unlike Matkodurko (earlier in this article), she decided to select more than one to get this honourable title. Guess that is very valid as well, since I would not be able to mention just one :)

This article is certainly an inspiration to try and get our own answer(s)! Note to myself: I shall make some time available!

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Oh, it's Saturday night!

by @charlocked

Anther Steemian totally in love with music, writing about her experience being at a concert. One of her (or maybe most) favourite band(s) 'Panic!' was playing about a month ago, and Charlocked was there! Super article which she finishes with:

Definitely one of the best (OOOHHH it's) Saturday nights of my life!!!!!!

So you know! :)

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big up for all mentioned authors and @edje and @mammasitta for their curation support !

Super articles indeed!!!

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