Ambient Modular Synth Performance Video on Jeckyl Iisland

in music •  3 months ago

I've been using the Steemit-centric @dtube as my preferred place for debuting new content since I started on the platform .... however a few of my improvisational pieces from this summer ended up on the short lived steemit version of DLive. As such, I'm rehosting many of my older pieces at I'll be continuing to add my best work here as a sort of digital recount of my traveling modular adventures.

Chiming tones, vaguely wobbly, ominously coming in and out of pitch in time with stormy skies creeping onto the horizon. Sunlit bike riders enjoying the last few warm moments of the day. This was the headspace for a sunset ambient drone piece I composed in the final throws of summer in Jekyll Island, GA.

I just can't get enough of the Mannequins Mangrove. It's got formant based tone shaping on it that enables what I consider "pre-filtering" ... effectively contouring the sound before it hits the Three Sisters (which is affecting timbre change to several different elements of the patch at once.) By shaping the tone before merging and filtering again, I'm able to go much farther with the modulation on the filter cutoff than I would otherwise. It feels like balancing plates, but once all the elements are modulating sympathetically, the patch tends to take on a life of its own. Basimilus crackles fill out the stereo field and add a subtle rhythmic pulse for the other elements to work against. Beach crackles are kinda my thing.


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simply amazing, nice, great, spectacular, lovely. you are amazing

Hi drumoperator,
Very next century sound! This would work so well as a sci-fi soundtrack, among many possibilities!

Fantastic art - upvoted and resteemed :D


Thanks again man. It really is my endgame goal to soundtrack modern sci-fi. Basically all the Primer and Take Shelter’s of the world, I want to be a part of realizing their vision and making the raddest art possible


You have succeeded!




Very relaxing! Nice to see you on !Lot's of potential on this platform.


Thanks! It’s interesting how being present and active on steem is more or less the easiest way to discover other platforms emerging in the space.

use Dtube that's will be better than BitTube plus Dtube is a Dapp of Steem


I am a huge advocate and delegator to @dtube ... my literal first post a year ago was twenty hours of final cut deep dive just to post on there! I think having a presence on multiple crypto platforms that all point back to my central hub on steemit is a pretty crucial strategy for the crypto creative.

First love best love @dtube and @dsound. Both very worthy of your delegation as they are doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the curation of Steemit creatives.

I heard this sounds a music which we can use in early morning meditation. Pretty nice relaxing and helping in yoga as well.

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Great work again as always. Always inspiring me. Can’t wait to get my studio up in the new home and do some similar stuff.

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aqui dejo mi link de una canción escrita por mi espero que les guste.

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