Music Marketing Course Lesson 1: Market What??

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Welcome to the first of many in my new training series on marketing your music as an indie artist without a record label.

I feel it is my duty now that I know this information to spread it to the masses and allow every artist to have an equal chance at success in the new music industry.

Why the "new music industry"? Back before the internet was capable of providing an avenue to personally market music, the only option was to play concerts or get on the radio to build fanbase. Well, the big record labels had (and still do have) a monopoly on the radio play industry using their giant investment dollars to buy plays on major radio networks. This essentially locks small artists out of bidding on radio placement on major networks.

Well, there's a new way for indie artists to get people to notice them apart from playing live which is still a strong way to grow a fanbase, but why not take advantage of the internet and all it offers to propel your career forward right?


Let's dig into the first lesson.

You need something worth marketing. A Song. Not only do you need something worth the marketing, but you also need that song already recorded and finished in order to design an ad that you can market with.

The first step to marketing your music is to record your freakin music! Or at least the first song and make it your best so you can use it to entice people into the rest of them!

Here's a little glimpse of what I'm talking about...

For instance, you have an EP or album ready to go. Its recorded, perfected, ready for pressing or uploading for streaming.

What next? Most inexperienced artists just throw it out into the world and tell people "buy this it's awesome".

Woah Woah Woah, let's back up a second and analyze how big brands get their products out to so many people successfully.

There's scientifically proven stats that say you need to engage a prospective buyer up to seven...yes 7 times before they will actually pull the trigger to buy your product, in this case your music.

So how do we go about contacting them or "warming them" up to the idea of purchasing?

By promoting yourself and saying "hey check me out, I make ____ music".

The best way to do this is to have music made already for them to hear!

See how that went? You have to already have music recorded.

Once you have that, it opens you to the option of posting sample bits or if you're brave enough, a full promotional song that is not part of the album about to be for sale. They need to hear what you're all about first and foremost before they'll ever become a fan or buy your music.

I always put myself in the position of who we are trying to reach. So, say I'm just a random guy browsing my feed and I see a new artist online whether it's via a shared post or an ad or anything really. First I need to connect with what that artist is even doing. If they say "check me out, I make punk rock like blink 182", then I need to like blink 182 to even be interested. If so, I'd probably go see if they sound like blink 182 right?

The key here is, they didn't just say "hey here's my song buy it".

Now you can have a single song recorded when you begin getting fans much before your album or EP release. I suggest starting this process for the first time about 6 months ahead of the release to gain maximum exposure.

Traditionally, artists put out albums at full length all at once. 12 songs on a cd or similar.

There's a much more effective way to manage and maximize how many people will become your fans during the lead up to your official release date.

For a full length album, select 2-3 singles that you will release ahead of time before the album is released including those singles.

For an EP, 1 single will work.

The idea is to tickle your fanbase with a little bit of content before giving them the anchelada. Like an appetizer before the main course. Humans are programmed to accept the main course easier if they've already had something to entice them.

Now, in order to make that post "hey check me out I make _____ music" you need to use a clip of your single in an ad or social post. I like targeted ads because you can select who will see them. We will dig a bit into how to do that in another lesson.

For now, create a 30 second clip of the best part of your song to use in a video post saying "hey check me out I make______music"

Why video?

It is said that if you post just text online, 95 % of people will not even stop scrolling or pay attention to your content.

Add an image, and that rate goes up to about 40%

Add a Video and that rate goes up to about 75% which is really decent.

The Golden bullet of course right now is Iive feeds. This method is more than just video and garners almost a 95% attention grab from people who see it. That doesn't guarantee they'll watch, but at least you have maximum eyes on you.

So, you make an ad or post to get people to look at you.

This will start to build fanbase.

It always starts with people closer to you, but with a little sales technique can reach much further.

Most people who try to get someone to do something miss the most important part of getting them to do it. ASKING them to do it!

In your post saying "check me out...." Put the words "if you like what you hear, please share this post!"

You'd be amazed, people actually share it when you tell them to!


There's a lot of psychology to marketing music.

Did you know when a person sees an artist page on Facebook, the first place they look on that ad is to see how many other people are already following that artist? This number causes them to decide whether or not to even engage with that ad.

The same goes for any kind of talent booking agents at venue or pretty much any other place that you are trying to make happen for you as an artist.

Its called social proof. The vast majority of people in the world are "followers" in a sense that they will only do something that lots of other people are already doing. The mentality that "if nobody else is interested, it's probably not that good".

We need to boost our artist Facebook page likes before we even try to market anything because when people see your posts or ads, they are going to look to see if other people are doing it too before they will.

There's a quick and cheap hack using Facebook ads to build likes. Now, these likes you can purchase using ads are not your targeted people who will buy your music, they are just helping fulfil a numeric value on your page to provide that social proof so people who may actually buy your stuff feel they can engage.

Create a Facebook ad from your artist page, select a targeted audience by first defining who you sound like as an artist, don't worry we all sound like some other big artist it's okay! Now, the key to making these likes cheap is to exclude economies which advertising is expensive. Exclude Canada, united states, Europe and Australia.

This will cause your ad to be displayed in any other country that is literally less than a penny per like.

Later we can make a targeted ad using profits to gain new fans who are local but that costs a pretty penny!

So to recap on lesson 1,

  • you need recorded music
  • your first song should be your single and also the best song (2nd best at the very least)
  • you need to warm up your potential customers without asking them to just buy your music (remember 7 times)
  • you need social proof to even have those people become fans

This series is about marketing your music, but I think I should next make a post that lays the groundwork for even having an online presence as an artist. Which pages to create, logos, pictures, which accounts you'll need etc.

Look for that coming soon!




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Wonderful post. While reading through I would have an idea in my head and then your next paragraph would be about that :)
One important thing I would love to add is the importance of a producer while recording your track.
It is very essential to have a great song, and make it great sounding. The independent musicians keep cribbing they don't get enough attention. But consider this, if your song was a super song, you won't have to beg people to listen to it and you won't have to sell it that hard. Make a song that sells itself!
That is where working on your craft as a songwriter and getting a brilliant producer onboard to make sure the track sounds great is essential!
I would love to follow this series and give inputs whenever I can. 🙏🏻✨😊


@hardikv this is so true, although I do believe that artistry is also a numbers game... not every song is going to be a smash hit, and sometimes the ones you don't think will be received well resonate the best with your fans. A professional quality sound is definitely needed to get far though you are right.

I just created a discord group for my series and to connect with other Indie artists. You're invited to join if you want


Yes. We have noticed that first hand, a song you think is a hit, the fans don't give that great a response, and the other songs you think are ok, the fans love it!

Joining the discord! See you there


Well said hardikv.

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Thank you for advice. Keep up the good work. :)


You're very welcome! Stay tuned for more!


@kamyk I just created a discord group for indie artists, if you are interested, here's an invite link

WOW there's some gold dust in there for sure.

The stats are very interesting. It's kind of common sense that an image helps but I didn't know about live video!

I'm just waiting to get fibre installed so I can start doing live video. I would rather concentrate on dlive and Steemit than Facebook though as I find it a rather annoying place to be nowadays.

Interesting about the cheap likes too. I read something a little while ago about how the FB algorithm causes your page to be displayed less and less the more likes you have from people that don't actually engage with your page. Have you heard about this?

This is great stuff and I have posted it in our "useful-info" channel on Discord.

Looking forward to the next one already!!

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

Follow @JuxtaMusic for More Of My Music


Awesome! Ya I have heard of Facebook doing this, but oddly enough because when you target the people to like your page, you use interests that align with you...for instance for myself, I sound like Daughtry or Jason Mraz or Ed Sheeran type music so I targeted their fans to become mine. Each time I post, I'm getting 100+ engagements from Egypt, Iran you name it because they already like that type of content


That's awesome! I may give it a go!


Just make sure to exclude the certain ones. Put in world for the location,and then add exclusions USA,Canada, Europe, and australia


Sounds good! I'm close to 1k followers so this would get me over that for little outlay by the looks of it.

Thanks again!


I went to 5000 + likes/follows in a matter of 4 days for 20$


This is the best post..i so like it


Thanks so much, I hope to help as many artists as possible through this training series. Please share to every indie artist you know on or off steemit!


@mraceeh I just opened a discord group for indie artists if you are interested here is the invite link


Ok my friend thank you so..i agree with you @chirstheaudioguy

Nice one Chris. It is a struggle I will admit..
Some artists such as myself are not good at that side of things.
A good example of that is Ozzy Osbourne.. lol
Imagine him back in the day dealing with all of this :)
Nice post man. Followed.


@jeffandhisguitar stay with me here, I can definitely help you get there, and for free. I see (and even the course I took) most people who have figured it all out now try to profit off artists who want to know which is wrong imo.... You struggle to make money so you get charged money to learn? Makes no sense, so I am here to help completely free. Sign up to our discord channel so you can easily access my other posts in the series and collaborate and learn with other Indie artists who are already there! See you inside!


Thanks man. I will certainly be popping by :)
Shame on those greedy sods for making $$$.