Why You Should Be On Choon Now!

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This video explains why I think independent musicians should be on Choon NOW!

Supported by: @helpie @recordpool @ftlob

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Any chance of an invite code?

I'd heard the name but knew literally nothing about it until now. Going to sign up as soon as I click "Post". Thanks!

Yep, now's the time guys. Here's our profile https://choon.co/artists/gjart Message us on Discord if you need an invite.

I dont use discord, could you pm me one please

nicely done, getting 500K $NOTES going! that's awesome. how'd you do it? https://choon.co/artists/lackluster/

Really interesting! Im on the way

... excellent new music block chain platform choon.co - excellent site, content and values - and heres our profile - be sure to say hi when you sign up - https://choon.co/artists/digitaltraffic/ ... d

Waiting list is currently 2000 artists long. Get an invite.