No Time To Upvote Manually? Here's How To Get Curation Rewards By Following The @MusicVoter Curation Trail!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Now you can set your account to "auto pilot" and earn curation rewards while you are away from Steemit and support independent musicians!

The awesome "SteemAuto" add-on lets you follow "Curation Trails" by authors that you trust and your account will automatically upvote any posts that that author upvotes, so you will get the curation reward as well as helping out the post author.

You can set it up so your accounts voting power doesn't drop below a certain level and you can even set a percentage of your vote even if you don't yet have the "slider".

I have set up a Curation Trail for @MusicVoter and there are many others, such as #OpenMic.

Here's How:

  • Follow the instructions on THIS POST to set up your SteemAuto account. I would also recommend following the "openmic" trail.
  • Follow the MusicVoter Curation Trail and adjust the settings (I would recommend 100% fixed if you do not plan to do any other manual upvoting or less if you do).
  • Follow MusicVoter in FanBase so you also upvote my posts here which will result in higher rewards for everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.48.56.png

Now sit back and earn curation rewards while helping other independent musicians!!

This @MusicVoter account only upvotes music related posts that have been manually checked.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 13.57.36.png


Good stuff. I'll keep my SP delegated for the rest of the month and then from April 10th I will take it and use it as part of my curation trail.

Thank you! Really appreciate it!

OCC (Our Collective Consciousness) Presents is a beginning initiative working towards fundraising and promotion for people, ideas and ventures of the new world using this awesome platform of @steemit!

We have followed the @musicvoter curation trail, and thank you for taking the time to lead this endeavor!

Currently in its gestation phase and curated by @treaphort.

When it comes to @occpresents any and all comments and ideas are welcome!

Let's Connect and Share.

That's fantastic!!! Thank you!

Ok, I'm bookmarking this post! Going to come back to it tomorrow with a fresh head and get this all set up - great idea as I'm out on business most of the week and want to share the wealth as best I can!

I've always wondered about how curation trails work and this thoroughly explains it! I've set up my account on @steemauto to follow you and offer 10% rewards because, in the past, I've been upvoted by @curie and it is always some of my favorite moments with Steem (recognition as an artist goes a loooooong way!). Glad I can finally offer that experience to other steemians who are new to the platform. Great work!!!

Thank you very much!! Appreciate that!

On et!!! Will do when I get home tonight.

Followed. This is a great idea.

Great post ;D making things easier...

Trail followed, nice work guys!

I'm set up to follow this trail now, we'll see how it affects my voting strength.

nice one! I have this set up for a couple other trails. . will add this one!

though it has been rare that I reach my required VP hehe. . . need to take a break from voting for a day or so :-P but there is so much good content on here!

I know what you mean! At least you can set a percentage with a Curation Trail so you can vote for more posts!

Got you at 10% fixed

Will do, thank you

hi :) very nice post. I'm follow you now and I am asking you to follow me :) and let me support you and now I want to introduce you and my favorite musical gruope and LIVE CONCERT :) best regards to Gordon:)

Thank you very much.
but I don't find @MusicVoter in the

If you go to "Curation Trails" and search for "musicvoter" it is there. Thanks!

Just signed up and delegated 50%. Great initiative!

Good Post music voter i recomend to go to my blog, if you want of course

Now I'm in too!