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Earn Rewards For Listening To Music


I am excited to announce that as of today members of will be rewarded with $INDIE tokens, which are able to be traded on the Bitshares Exchange and can also be used at other independent music websites that support the token.

Open To Fans And Musicians Alike

Further information will be made available later today but in the meantime you can open your FREE Bitshares account now and enter your Bitshares account name into the box on so you are ready to benefit from the start!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.52.18.png

To help us cover the costs of this fantastic new service we would really appreciate you using THIS REFERRAL LINK to open your account. It will not cost you anything and the account you open will be exactly the same as if you go direct. Thank you!

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!


You're on fire! Great Work, once again, pushing the envelope!

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"The world is a coffin, we are dead alive..."

The Juxtanaut moves on from strength to strength, John. I hope folk appreciate all your hard work and positive action as much as I do. Many thanks.

You are welcome. There is nothing more reward than helping people and seeing how much pleasure they get from the site.

Welcome to the $INDIE club, let's rock!

Thank you for the invite. We are off!

Resteemed! This is an awesome idea to incorporate. Really love the workings of this platform, thank you!

You're welcome. Thank you for the resteem. The first batch of $INDIE tokens have now been issued to everyone who got involved with our first incentive.

... this is excellent news - well done guys - a major step forward in so many ways - keep up the good work - stay cool regards d

Thank you. We are really excited and can look to open up the site to more music fans as well as musicians.

Thanks for everything that you do for indie musicians, John!

You're welcome!

Excellent new, well done, onwards and upwards!

Onwards and upwards indeed! You should have received your tokens from yesterday now.

WOW, awesome! I love what you guys are doing for artists:)

Thank you. Lot's of exciting things coming in the future too!

thank you, you guys are changing the game.

Fantastic, looking forward to helping get this off the ground :-)

Thank you! We have such a great community, I'm sure it will be a success!

Awesome sauce! I'm excited this is starting on my day off of work :) Now I get to listen to all the musicians I've been missing by only listening to musicoin tracks

Thank you for those awesome work & info !!

Feels like I've been under a rock (fiddling with my webpage takes the breath and groove out of me) What a fantastic idea!

Thanks Kahsay. It happened quite quickly so don't feel as though you have been under that rock for too long :-)

What?!?!? Rock on Juxta the man! I wish all Indie have pockets full of $INDIE!!! Did not have one, so created with your referral bro. GODSPEED!

I just made a GIF for you :) here in dmania:

This link can be used to insert link any place that accepts GIF (steem, fb etc)

the link when click on GIF leads to and can be downloaded as gif or mp4 file

Awesome! Thanks Sam! :-)

Rad! listening now!

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Incentive for the listeners... problem solver! Good stuff!!

Now I need to create a listener signup which has less options.

Wow this is awesome i just want to try it now !

Did you try it? What did you think?

Awesome platform!!!! Gotta get it!!!!

I don't know anything about indie's I though it was just a music style jajaja! But now im going on charge

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