DAILY ARTZONE WINNER! - MUSIC - Matt Letch - Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Acoustic Cover)

in #music6 years ago (edited)

Congrats, you just won 1 SBD from @artzone curators!


This just so cool I had to pick it from the crowd.
Wow, what a great voice.
Production values are professional studio quality.


congrats to winner, nice challenge

Congratulations to the winner. He indeed has a good voice.

I just delegated some Steem Power to @artzone. I love what you do here. Thumbs up @surfyogi the brain behind this.

Thank you for supporting artists @gee1 🙏 🙏

Anytime dear


You know I love all you do here and I will keep supporting in my own little way.

And when I "whale up" hopefully soon I believe my support will be bigger💃💃💃

Great choice man, its really cool. He sings really well. I’m a new in steemit and my passion is Travel & Documentary Photography. I already followed you & hope to get connect with lots of other great artists.

I actually listened to the song, first of all because I loooooove the sound of a guitar and then acoustics make my heart flutter especially love songs.

Lovely sound Gnarls ♥

thats great and really a pretty cool sound and thanx to share it with us if you find #artzone
i really like this artzone project and hope here we will find and see the world b est artist of every kind, i appriciate you for making this awesome blog and hope it will make our search more easy to find best artists always
his sound impressed me to hear him

well he perform really exellent and cool, he have a brilliant talent and have good voice and exllent good guitarist to play it well
good to share your SBD with artist and musicians to encourage them for thier best @artzone
congratulations for win 1 SBD from @artzone

shencoin (52) nice comments

Sorry for spamming you, but I don't know where else to post.
I posted this under artzone hastag!
Let me know if you appreciate the subject ;)

You have done extermly art of work and share lovely song.

This is absolutely great post...Thanks for sharing...

Great. I think is very nice. Lovely

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