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@wolfnworbeikood - "Second Womb"


Listen on @dsound below:


This tracks qualities are all over the place, from sampling and production values to the originality and lyrics. I mean this is true purist hip hop right here. I'm really impressed by the production approach, no loudness, no over compression, just breezy ear candy. DookieBrownFlow and Father Earth really do the justice on the vocal parts, slick rapping with amazing recording voices, mic's just love them, what is the audio equivalent of photogenic? yeah that, thats what they is :) really nice guys, you going places.

Congratulations! @wolfnworbeikood

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@theatreofdelays - "Air"


Listen on @dsound below:


What a sublime track from @theatreofdelays, driven by the inspirational soundscape that takes a listener on a journey that transmits emotional stability and resonates with empathy and change. What I love about this track is that its structural setting is in the Willam Orbit like, 90's electro-pop, while still having that modernized retro sounds you could hear in Roland Juno-106 synth, reinvented sound that some artists like Boards of Canada have today. Amazing track, give yourself a favor and listen to it below...

Congratulations! @theatreofdelays

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@samprock - "Out Of The Blues"


Listen on @dsound below:


This is the first time I'm listening to @samprock and I'm glad I stumbled upon this track. I'm a big fan of the 3/8 signature when it comes to this kind of a structure. Similar structure you can hear in Tuareg musicians, known for creating the so called "Saharan Blues" that got really popular in the last decade. Drum sections are spectacular, shuffling masterfully with the brakes in just the right places, some bits of the track reminded me partially on the latest Battles Yabba song where there is some serious freestyle shown as well.

Read the artists full post in the link below:

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@anecdoche- "Autumn's Solace"


Listen on @dsound below:


This is a truly awesome piece of Trip Hop music right here, production values being immaculate with a masterful side-chaining that enables the listener to hear absolutely every single detail, truly in balance. I really love the cello samples, or maybe it is Cinesamples Tina Guo Emulation or similar, either way the cello really hits the spot, leading throughout the track with that spectacular high res beat. I'm a true fan of this genre, and I can partially compare this track to a likes of Morcheeba

Read the artists full post in the link below:

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@theturtleproject - "Open Fist"


Listen on @dsound below:

the turtle.png

A cool track with a personal message by @theturtleproject on pacifism, and the freedom of opinion. It speaks about someone trying to grow as person by learning to let go of things. I like the cross done between the post-rock and the pop-rock, it sort of sounds both at the same time, and the production values are really good. @theturtleproject has a lot more cool tracks to be discovered here so don't forget to go on and support them.

Read the artists full post in the link below:

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Congratulations to all Winners!...:)...

congratulations to winner, Thanks @artzone for this huge support of steemit users.
You help in empowering steemit together. @mafzaal92 appreciate your work.

excellent selection...
I am always appreciate your work dear @artzone family
god bless you @artzone team

congratulations to winners
thanks to @artzone family for inspiring us.
special thanks to @surfyogi & @others curators

First of all congratulations to the winner and keep up the musical work and Steem On. Thanks for sharing this post with us team. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Awww mannn... appreciate the words! We will keep the quality work coming! The Womb is in ya room... #Spreadthedookie

Glad you appreciate the words, you guys are truly amazing @wolfnworbeikood

Thank you million Ivan and Artzone for the good word! Made my day :)

Definitely wondered to beaut and honoring references you placed. With Battles falls right into my favorite early track by Kraftwererk (

) and all fabtastic Taurec. This is right up my alley from ethnic Electronic chillout and psybient vibe i love and maxing it with the guitars, either electric or nylon. Interesting connection is my number 1 guitarist Ottmar Liebert, inventor of Noevo Flamenco '91 says, besides "expected" Spanish, Gipsy and Bluesy vibe he roots his music to Arab and Africa ( and Reflecting how our roots deeply affect and build us :) Cheers!

.... yeah ... Prock is here, typed from Silent Zen music~photo~art support channel :)

what the funk happened with the text??!?!?! I did not mean it. Should prob stop spitting coffee on my keyboard, it has enough caffeine already :)

Nah its all good @samprock hah :) just keep on writing what ever comes to your head, thats the way to do it. Woa I didn't know that Kraftwerk were doing progressive and experimental rock before synth phase, cool

Crazy dudes right? :) Best inspiration to what drives you too bro! I am travrlinv with my family Europe at the moment ..... but iPhone with app always in pocket, making trains sounding better :)

Hope you'r enjoying Europe @samprock :) thats where I'm at haha

Hope you'r enjoying Europe @samprock :) thats where I'm at haha

Im follow you..

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