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Hello ARTzonians, I am @eprivat, we are Monday the 4th of March and this is our weekly music show, where we reward the awesome musicians/singers/producers of the Steem blockchain

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In Time We've Lost | Instrumental Music | Creative

A masterful piece create by @davidfar reflecting on our time on earth as human that we are being given, and what we're gonna do with. When the beat kicks in, it really brings a new dimension to the song. Excellent job

Arabia - @newenx

A track full of energy, perfect for this Monday, I really enjoyed that double harmonic and the use of the samples too, it just fits the tone so much.The build up with the drop is siiiiick!

Backstabbers, Drug Wars, and Crybabies on STEEM

@heaterville is dedicating this song to all the backstabbers on Drug Wars, it's a new game created on the STEEM blockchain, well, the name is pretty self explanatory, you buy drugs, battle with other gamers, become more powerful. One of the biggest Dapps at the moment.And of course that's a dope beat too, let's not forget about that!

Three Days Grace - Home ( Guitar Cover )

I've got to admit I am not familiar at all with the original, but I like what I am hearing for sure!!I am super impressed by @discouragedones, who was brought to steemit by our @davidfar, we're really grateful!

Ilusiones (Canción original) Género Danza zuliana

I love that sort of chord progression, typical jazzy chromatic vibe, excellent to improvise on it too. And @digitalopus is such a class act, he left the score of his composition for everyone to play it!

Why Monkey - She Is Fire

A really love the 6/8 , it adds to the melancholic tone! I think we're already featured this song in the past, but I think it deserves to be featured again!
I enjoyed it even more this time around...

Good Luck with your week!!! Thanks for reading us!!!

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good job guys :)

Thanks again for your great support. Love the descrption :D

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Wow Ed! Thanks mate, really appreciate it! :)

Very nice @edprivat, well done! Drug wars has cry babies, too, or just Steemit? 😉

@edprivat Thank you and Thanks Artzone Team :D , glad to be chosen for Artzone, it means much to me, thanks for supports and I see much great artists here, and glad to be one of them :) <3

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