Blueberry Song, a song for Torico

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Hello, all you creatives and people of steem!

This video is for a song that I wrote the words to for a contest that was started by @torico. The idea was to use the word "blueberry" in a song in some way or other. It's a good thing she extended the time on the contest,

or I wouldn't have gotten this entry in on time, and it might still be late, but here I am with it. It took me a couple of days to come up with all the words, I basically just waited for the inspiration to hit me for the words. They came with music from well known songs, like a parody song, so I just went with that.

So, here's the link to the song video.

Thanks for watching! I hope you at least find it amusing if nothing else. :-)

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I enjoyed that hahahaha
A nice fit into the Peaches song
Now I want Blueberry Pancakes too hahaha
All the best with the contest

Thank you!

omg such parody much laughter! yes i finally just got around to watching this. what was the third song i missed the reference.. loved that you dressed in blueberry colors to sing this :)

did you know that the longest word in Ojibwe language is miinibaashkiminasiganibiitoosijiganibadagwiingweshiganibakwezhigan. it means blueberry pie. which i guess has been around a lot longer than i'd imagined..

Thank you! :-)
The third song part was just ad lib...nothing specific. It was the last thing I thought of.
That is a very long word... LOL

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CLASSIC! What a cool tune and a fun medley/parody!! Now I have to make blueberry pancakes - I used to make them for my son. Well done you for this song! @carlgnash has some stiff competition here....!!!

Thank you!
Blueberry pancakes are always good, no matter what meal you make them for. :-)

Nice :) I love it! Peaches is such a great song to parody. Somehow it almost seems like a parody of itself to start LOL.

I know, right? LOL


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So much fun. I can't help want to have blueberries now!
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Thank you!