It will live again.(1970 Chevelle wagon)

in #musclecar4 years ago (edited)

Here's the pretty part of one of my neglected projects. Trying re wire all the spots the rats ate through. Not sure if the battery needs more juice or they ate through the starter wire's. It's just clicking when I turn it over. #musclecar


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Sounds like a bad solenoid switch, if the battery is charged, and no starter problems then likely that solenoid switch.

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I was thinking the same thing. It's easy to check.

Trace your wires from the solenoid. There should be a heavy wire from the battery to the solenoid. There is also a heavy wire going from the solenoid to the starter. There should be one or more small wires going to the solenoid as well. The small wire is the signal. If you short from big wire to big wire you are bypassing the solenoid and the starter should turn over. You can also try shorting from the big wire from the battery to the post where the small wires attach. If your vehicle turns over when you do this then there is a problem with the signal and the solenoid is fine.

If neither of those things do anything you might have a bad battery or the wiring to the starter may be damaged or I guess it could also be the starter itself.

Good luck.

Thank you I appreciate the tips very much.

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That's a cool car to fix up. You should show more of it.

We had an old green Ford LTD Squire station wagon when I was growing up. We got it from my grandfather. He used it as a schoolbus to transfer some of the local country kids to the actual school bus. There were seats you could fold up in the back and fit extra people. I think he used to get 10 or 12 kids into that thing. It was a tank.

It'd be cool to fix that up too. The guy we sold it to was using it into the early nineties. Oh well. I guess that ship has sailed. It's definitely not as nice of a car as what you're working on. I still think it would have been cool though.

The station wagon has gone the way of the dodo. Nowadays they are smaller, rounder and they call them crossovers.

Unfortunately a tree hit it a couple years ago. Flattened the back a arm a bit and busted out the tailgate window and a side window. It's was sitting for about 8 years before the tree. Hopefully the frame is still straight, it's tuff but it took a good hit. On the bright side before I parked it years ago the engine was rebuilt. It's got dual flowmaster mufflers. The tranny was rebuilt with a knarly shift kit. Demon carb that kinda sucks lol. The interior was always kinda shot since I had it, but I put a nice new bench seat in the front. Kind of a long term project since I'm not that great at working on cars lol. The body work and finding the windows is gonna cost quite a bit too... I might eventually trade it for an r.v. after I get it fixed up more.

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