Mexican Murals – Political Expression: the Painting is on the Wall

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Very very interesting.. thank you for this extraordinary description and close look at the situation in Mexico!

Thank you for your appreciation for my mural posts. I'll be happy to post more of them.

Very informative. Mexico is not the only Latin American country to use murals to get a point across. Nicaragua also uses these murals. Vivid colours and vivid story telling. It is interesting that these two countries share a similar back ground that begins with the Spanish Conquistadors. If you delve a little further more of the tragic history will unfold.

Well, most countries in Latin America share a similar history. As for Nicaragua and Mexico, they were even the same country until the end of the first Mexican empire.
But now that you mention it, would you like to post some pictures of some Nicaraguan murals? I would really be interested in seeing some.

Sure thing. I don't think I have any right now as my son used them to do an art thesis for his baccalaureate. I will take the camera to Managua and shoot a few for you.

Nice! I'm looking forward to them. Thank you.

@stortebeker What vivid tapestry you have woven. It was just a few years back that I had high hopes for the people of Mexico to reclaim the Mother Maize and run Man-Satan (Monsanto) out of the nation. Sigh!

Oh, they are running him all right... last year down in Mazunte I witnessed a magnificent open-air-circus performance about exactly that topic: "sin maiz no hay pais" (without maize there is no country). Unfortunately, not every Mexican is of this mindset.

Wow! Your narrative and interpretation on this is simply outstanding. I can really appreciate the dichotomy existing between that child's smiley face shirt versus his actual expression.

This is a sober reminder when you speak of the endangered species and lack of nature. This is, unfortunately, happening everywhere. =(

Thanks for sharing this. It's really outstanding write up. Rstmd

Exactly what I like to say: I don't think there are so many differences between individual countries, the same horrible things tend to happen everywhere, except in some places they are better hidden, that's all.
Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you liked my interpretation.

Wow, very nice! I like it very much. I am new here. @ecoknowme tells me good things about you. Very nice man. I have only one post so far.
You are always welcome. I also try to help with World Steem project. I am Indai

Hey @tilak, welcome to steemit! I'll go ahead and check out your intro post right away. If you're interested in the Steem Around the World Project, please make a comment on my latest post on it: Excited to have you!

@ecoknowme says it would be the same. We meet sometimes for coffee, so we probably would send the same coffee haha. I will try to think of something first... otherwise I do together with him... Thank you very much! I look now.

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