Mexican Murals – A Familiar Face

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Sure I accept!

And dude, am I glad I accepted!!! The OCD curation seems to work wonders! Thank you so much. Unlike with Curie, where a whale has a bowel movement and suddenly there are a few hundred bucks in my reward, with OCD there is a steady growth, but it's composed of real people who may come back for more if I post some other interesting stuff. Huge shoutout to OCD and @anomadsoul for awesome curating!

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A good job discovering who the mystery man is. This is so cool. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you @cecicastor! :-) I was thinking that it would make a nice story for a post... but I had to revisit the museum to be sure. Once convinced, I took a picture and I was ready.

What a trip! I was getting so sucked into the adventure that I got really excited to find out and I am glad you found this terrific answer! I really love it :-D

Nice! Yeah, that was sorta my intention. Great to hear it worked so well!

I'd say the spray paintings look way more human-like than the figurine..Still, double thumbs-up to you!! You managed to discover the guy's identity..Yay! =DD

Isn't it awesome? Such a benign little discovery, but I was so psyched to have found it. Sharing it in a post multiplies the fun.

Some great pieces here. I love the story behind it and the effort you went to to discover it

if your interested in StreetArt, please consider checking out my #sreetartchallenge.

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share their thoughts about the art and any info they have on the artist.
Your post is a perfect example of what I would like the challenge to be
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If you would like to check it out here is this week's post

Really awesome challenge! If you take a look at the previous posts in my Mexican Murals series, you'll see that these are exactly the things I like to look into: what does the mural depict, and what I think it means, who made it (if possible to know) and why, and also exact locations. This latter one came a bit short in this particular post, as there are a number of images from three neighborhoods. If you want, and if I still qualify (I don't think I can change the primary tag any more), I'd be happy to include this post in this weeks challenge. If not, I'll have some other mural prepared for next week's one.

I might consider an amnesty on the tag rule this week. I'll post an edit into this week's challenge post if I do. It just makes it easier to find and judge entries
I'll look forward to your future submissions too

Awesome, cheers!