[CONTEST] MSP Waves Radio : review the radio shows - win upvotes and SBD

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MSP Waves puts out over 30 live radio shows every week.

There are shows for every taste from discussion and interviews through to music of just about every genre on the planet.

Because I put out the Weekly Radio Show Listings I have listened to every show at least once. Now I would like to hear what you think of the shows.

So I am starting a contest. Write a review of one of the MSP Waves radio shows and you will get upvotes and could even win some SBD.

All you have to do is listen in to one of MSP Waves shows and post a review of the show.

It is not just for my two shows (My Life in 8 Songs and The Alternative Lifestyle Show), but also for the other 30+ shows that run each week.

The reviews should include :

  • the name of the show and the host
  • the date and time of the broadcast
  • how you listened to the show (eg via MSP Waves Discord channel or via Twitch or via DLive)
  • what you liked and enjoyed about the show
  • what you disliked about the show
  • how much of the show you listened to

You can also optionally include :

  • comments on the technical delivery of the show
  • the quality or choice of guests if appropriate
  • suggestions for improvement to the show
  • a screenshot showing you in the audience if you tuned in via Discord

You can find the full schedule of shows on MSPWaves.com or on my Weekly Radio Show Listings posts :

The schedule includes :

Once you have made your review post a link to it in the comments of this post, or any follow up post I make for this contest.

Also make sure you tag with the review with #mspwavesreview

I will read or watch every review, and for every review that meets the criteria I will give an upvote according to the quality and depth of the review. My full upvote is currently around $2.

I can't give any guarantees but some of the other MSP Waves hosts might visit your reviews and drop a vote or two as well.

I will also be sending some SBD awards as well - both for the very best reviews and for the people submitting the most reviews that meet the quality standards.

So make sure you listen to as many MSP Waves shows as you can. Write or film reviews and get upvotes and maybe even some SBDs as well.

Happy reviewing...


  1. Reviews can be in written or video form. If they are written they should be at least 250 words long. If they are video they should be a minimum of 2 minutes.

  2. Reviews should state clearly which show they are for - with the name of the show and the hosts, and the date and time of the broadcast.

  3. Reviews should be posted within 3 days of the show being broadcast.

  4. You can post reviews as often as you want, but no more than one a day.

  5. Each review should be tagged with #mspwavesreview, and a link to the review should be added in the comments of this post or any update post I make for this contest.

  6. This contest will run initially until midnight UTC on 31 May 2018.

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You're a great guy to know Pennsif, I had a fun experience on the show and can't wait to talk to you again. I'll be checking out some other shows and be participating, sounds cool.


It was great having you on the show. I have now put the recording of the show on DLive if you want to listen again :

Have fun with the reviews.



I am looking forward to seeing the reviews.

When you think that I actually wanted to make a post about some of the shows. Now I have a reason not to postpone it anymore :). Hopefully I will get the time to do it, I barely find the time to listen :)))!


Looking forward to seeing your reviews Laurentiu.

A fabulous way to obtain feedback and raise the profile of our station.

Cc @r0nd0n

First class, @pennsif.


Thanks Globi. Will be interesting to see what comes in.

Cool way to win, @pennsif! Thanks for what you do!


If you get a chance to mention it on your next show, that would be awesome thanks.


Yes sir, @pennsif! We'll be happy to make sure we discuss this initiative on our upcoming Episode 12, this week!

@falseyedols and I will be streaming live from @lpfaust's house this week, for @amrauthor's b-earth-day, so it's an extra special show!

We'll be celebrating the birth of new co-creative projects where all are appreciated! Thanks for what you're doing!!


That will be great thanks.

Sounds like that is going to be an awesome show.

WooHoo - waits in fear of his show reviews hahaha!

Hey @pennsif you have forgotten about one of our newest show the Hip Hop Shop with @nick.visco on Thursdays before @crimsonclad . RESPECT


Thanks for that - now updated.


This is great @phedizzle. Thank you for the excellent review and thank you being the first to post a review for the contest.

You have received a small bonus reward of 2.5 SBD for being the first entry.

Does it count if you listen some of the shows in replay, because some like @uniwhisp sometimes I cannot make it full but I do always enjoy on replay. And last Sounds of Steem sadly due to the time I had to opt for replay only.


That will be fine - the timezones will be different for everyone.

I look forward to reading your reviews.

Brilliant idea (as usual) @pennsif!


Thank you 👍

You said one criteria is the review Should be within 3 days of the show. Does that mean we should post prior to their next show. I think I've listened to the majority of shows at least twice. haha


And I'm assuming that the pirate shows don't count? Hehe I've listened to many of those, too


Sorry, not pirate shows.


The review should be of a particular episode of a show rather than the show in general.

So ideally within 3 days of the first broadcast of the episode you are reviewing.


I look forward to reading your reviews.

I am very interested in taking part in this and writing a few reviews! <3


I will be looking out for your reviews.

iniciativa creíble

Thanks for the suggestion and its motive ....

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Such a easy system.. and also great information to win..

good initiative. I congratulate you