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Show Number 52 - 1 full year on the Air

It's been an involuntary break, and I am seemingly out of radio and physical shape. So, bear with me as I broadcast today from 7 pm Central on

News Chaos through the Week...

... might be a better way to describe the show. I will go through the events of the last few days, provide additional information and commentary.

This week in focus:

  • RIP Burt Reynolds
  • European Anti American Rhetoric Increasing
    • Pushing Climate Change/CO2 control agenda
    • Hailing Satanism (DIA)
    • Demonizing Brexit - with fearmongering
    • Continue to guilt-trip Germans for WW1+2
    • Lie about Russia
    • Support of Terrorism (Syria Chem Weapon setup)
    • Push Transgender confusion
  • Kavennaugh Circus - Shannigans Deceived and Deceiving
  • Brasilian Equivalent of D Trump Jair Bolsonaro survives assassination
  • Quarantined 3 airplanes
    • Dubai, Munich, Paris, American Airlines, Emirates,
  • Censoreship
    • voices silenced
    • my right and choice for my news sources impeeded.
  • Did you Know? America's Communist Constitution has already been written
    ... and much more...


In the spotlight today, it is @practicalthought

and we will support @article61's fundraiser.


How to Listen

On Discord:
On MSP Waves:
On Dlive via:

Thank you for reading.


Proud Supporter of PAL and the - The Minnow SupportProject
Christopher "The Hat" Hatfield @globocop

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